Whether you found this section of our online store for part replacements or for extra items to improve your dive, or if you’re here to find something for pure frivolity to enhance your fun in the sun, we’ve got you covered. You might just end up surprised at what cool gadgets and gear you find here. So, browse freely about and whatever treasures you find, we’ll send them your way.

Of course, sometimes so much awesomeness can feel a little overwhelming. If you’d like a point in the right direction, take a scroll to the bottom of the page for a bit of guidance through this plethora of little (and big) extras.

Dive, Freedive, and Spearfishing Accessories

As much as we’d like it to be, our adventure gear isn’t indestructible. Companies work hard to make every piece of their products as durable as possible, but we all know that certain things will eventually need to be replaced. Hey, there are save-a-dive kits for a reason. So if you’re looking to build (or rebuild) your save-a-dive kit, need a replacement hose, a weight belt or replacement pockets, or maybe some gadgets to make grabbing your gear a little easier, then check out the Scuba Accessories section to get cruising through those vital-for-your-dive necessities.

Other things you’ll absolutely need for your dive or freedive include some powerful and reliable dive lights. You can get a whole set of lights to make your shopping a little quicker and your gear bag a little fuller or pick up an individual dive light. Looking for some other type of luminescence? Maybe you need lights for your underwater camera or some glow sticks for your night or cave dives. Browse through our Lights section to find exactly what you need to light up your dive.

And, of course, you’ll definitely need a super useful knife too. Something like the ScubaPro K-6 6” Stainless Steel Pointed Tip Dive Knife will keep you feeling ready for anything, and the Riffe Wrangler 9.5” Dive Knife comes with everything you need to keep your blade conveniently on hand. If you’d prefer a smaller knife with a blunt tip or maybe you’re just looking for a handy tool or some wetsuit shampoo, we carry all that and more down our virtual Knives & Tools aisle.

If you’re a seasoned diver, we don’t need to tell you that diving is a hardcore sport. If you’re brand new to the wonderful world of diving, you should know—diving is a hardcore sport. As amazing and relaxing as it can certainly be at times, diving will always be one of those “safety first” situations, and all of us at Divers Direct want you to stay as safe as possible, especially if you’re off cruising through wrecks and caves and are the kind of person who likes to test the limits. We totally get it, adrenaline rocks. But don’t be reckless; grab some Safety Gear for your underwater expeditions. You’ll be glad you did.

What you’ll need for your day in the sun

Every sunny day adventure, whether on a boat or on the beach or camping around your dive location or really anything involving being outdoors in the sun around water, has certain necessities that will make your experience safer and more comfortable. A few extra bits of equipment can take your beach day from feeling like you’re stranded on an uninhabited island (sunburned, thirsty, and covered in sand) to feeling not only comfortable, but luxurious.

Therefore, the very first item on your sunny day checklist should be a towel. That’s right, a towel is likely the most important item you can have for your day in the sun whether you’re on a beach, on a boat, or otherwise. Towels are more than just something to dry yourself off with. Need to protect yourself from the sand while you sunbathe? Lay down a towel. Forgot your sunscreen or sunglasses or hat or cover up? Cloak yourself in your towel to help protect your skin and eyes. Have you gotten a bit too hot? Dip your towel in water and use it to cool you down. Too cold? Use a dry towel as a blanket. Spill your beverage on your buddy’s boat seat? It’s instinctual to grab the closest towel to clean it up. Towels can do what none of your other beach/boat gear can do. It can act as nearly everything you need in one rectangular (or circular) piece of cloth in addition to being an item of self-expression with such various designs and styles. In short, grab a towel. Grab five towels. They are surprisingly the most handy thing you can have on you when in the sun and by the water. Bet you’ll never look at your towel the same again, huh? Check out our selection of Towels to pick one out that’s just right for you.

Okay, so now you’ve got a towel which can cover your most basic comfort and protection needs. Awesome. The next items on your fun day checklist will need to be Coolers and Drinkware. The one thing a towel can’t do is feed and hydrate you. If hydration is a necessity in your normal daily life, it’s a major priority when you’re in the hot sun for a fair bit of time. And there are tons of options to choose from when it comes to your drinkware and coolers. Where to begin? Well, regardless of whether or not your cooler consists mostly of adult beverages, you’re going to need water no matter what. We recommend you get a large water bottle for a long day. That way you can share with Fido if you’re bringing him along with you. When it comes to drinkware, we also have smaller tumblers for your wine or mixed drinks, on-the-go mugs for your pre-dive morning coffee, dive-themed cups and such for a more fun and expressive flair, and more. Scroll though, have fun, and stay hydrated.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten to talk to you about our great cooler selection. Like we said before, every hot day in the sun needs a beverage, but if you’re spending hours on the boat or beach and hanging out with friends and family, you’ll need more than one drink. That’s where your need for a cooler comes in. Just so you know, no one is buying those tired old styrofoam coolers anymore. They’re bad for the planet, bad for your style, and just an all around big fat no. When you get an ultra-durable cooler like a YETI, it ends up becoming a visual travelogue of your adventures. With a hard cooler, you can slap all the stickers from all the beaches and dive locations you’ve visited right onto it and dress it up in your own way. Of course, that’s not the only positive aspect of these amazing hard coolers, they’re some of the coldest coolers on the market, keeping ice solid and drinks and food cold for days on end, and they’re practically indestructible. Looking for something a little more, well, little? The ORCA 20 Quart Cooler is the perfect little arctic beast to tote along for a day on the beach with a few close friends. Of course, if you’re walking a little farther than the comfort of carrying a hard cooler will allow, our line of soft coolers are just as tough and durable and might just be the perfect fit for optimum comfort. But while one cooler might be great for one adventure and another cooler for another adventure, you can always just grab yourself a little bit of everything so that you’re prepared for any hot day outdoors.

Next up, protect your eyes. Your beach checklist should absolutely include some quality shades. You’re sure to find the perfect sunny day eyewear for you somewhere in our vast selection of Sunglasses. Most of the sunglasses we carry are polarized (which we highly recommend) since they are absolute Spartans against the sun’s glare across the sea. Polarized sunglasses make a huge difference in blocking UV rays from your eyes, but we do carry shades that are not polarized as well if you prefer that style of lens. Speaking of style, you’ll find nearly every frame shape and color combination you can think of here, ranging from sporty looks to down right fashionable. While you may already have a pair of sunglasses at home (and that’s great. As long as you’re protecting your eyes, you’re good to go), let’s be real here—you can never have too many shades.

If UV rays are harmful for the eyes, overexposure can definitely damage skin. Nearly every child on this beautiful planet will carry into adulthood the memory of their parents or grandparents slathering thick, smelly sunblock all over them while they wait impatiently to run straight into the water. Thankfully, sunblock has come a long way since it was first developed in the 1930s, and it still remains an important addition to any beach bag. With the fairly recent discovery that certain sunscreens have negative effects on fish and coral reefs, “reef-safe” sunscreens started making a more prominent appearance on beach store shelves, and in order for Divers Direct to be as environmentally friendly as possible, we only carry reef-safe sunscreen, lotions, and lip balms in our stores. Check out our Sunscreen & Lotions selection to find a sunblock that’s perfect for you and everyone else in the family.

And finally for the last sunny day checklist item—toys. You may already know it but we are going to say it, fun is not just for kids. That’s why we carry Water Toys & Beach Games for people of all ages. From volleyballs to snorkel rafts to water pong and even the timeless and beloved beachball… To fully complete your day in the sun make sure you pack some fun.

Towel? Check.

Water? Check.

Cooler? Check.

Sunglasses? Check.

Sunscreen? Check.

Fun-tastic toys? Check.

Looks like you’re ready to go with all your fun-in-the-sun necessities. All you need now is a bag to carry it all in and a clear, beautiful day.

Gift ideas for your favorite dive buddies

Does your dive buddy have a birthday coming up? Do you have no idea what to get your scuba-crazed sister or uncle or best friend for a holiday gift? Well, don’t worry, you’re on the right track. We have plenty of excellent gifts options for your aqua-adoring loved ones ranging from comical to practical and everything in between.

For your more comical friends who appreciate the sillier side of life, a scroll through our Novelties section will likely help you find a perfect gift. They may love a new dive-themed coffee mug, bottle koozie, or sticker. But of course, your more practical friends have some cool gift options hiding in this section as well. Their useful gift may be a floating wallet keychain or a neat survival tool kit.

But regardless of whether your loved ones are more silly or serious, there are some gifts every diver will be happy to receive. Since safety and preparedness are often on you dive buddy’s mind, something to help them stay ready for anything, like a knife or multitool, would be helpful and appreciated. Or you can help them stay hydrated by getting them a new beverage tumbler —a safe and neutral gift for anyone, even non-divers. Though, if you’ve noticed that they love to represent their ocean-loving life through jewelry, we also have a great assortment of necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and more.

The key to any thoughtful gift is to notice something about the receiver. Do they have dive decals all over their vehicle? Do they wear clothes and accessories with sea creatures and water designs on them? Do they often have the latest cool and useful gadget? Maybe you know virtually nothing about the person receiving your gift and all you know is that they love to scuba dive. That’s okay. Any of the gifts mentioned here would be appropriate and appreciated, but if you prefer to let them dig into new dive gear on their own, you can never go wrong with getting a Divers Direct Gift Card for your buddy.

Some Extraordinary Extras—Some accessories we highly recommend

All of us here at Divers Direct have been around the reef a time or two, so we know great gear and all the bells and whistles that you’ll need for your adventure. While we’ve laid out some excellent extras for you throughout this guide so far, let’s dive into some of our absolute favorite products that we take for every dive, snorkel, or beach day trip.

You know that our greatest concern for you is that you stay safe and ready for anything in the water. Divers are like Boy/Girl Scouts of the sea, and we don’t go out unless we have everything we need (we’ll let you know when we start rolling out the delicious cookies). Whether you’re a diver or not, we highly recommend that you get yourself this First Aid Kit and keep it with you in your car or boat at all times. Let’s hope you never need it, but you’ll be glad you have it if you do.

Another handy extra to keep around for those just-in-case moments is this Deluxe Scuba Divers Tool Kit. This particular kit has every tool you need to get your dive back on track. Taking a tool kit with you when you’re dealing with loads of scuba gear is like taking air with you when you go underwater—it’s not just convenient, it’s necessary. Be a good diver and grab yourself some tools for the journey. Of course, every diver knows another little necessary tool to keep on hand is a set of o-rings, and we recommend this Replacement O-Ring Kit for your save-a-dive kit.

Now let’s talk fun. Nothing helps you move through the water like an underwater scooter, and we definitely recommend you try out the Sublue Seabow Underwater Scooter. Moving up to nearly 4.5 miles per hour, this little thing can get a move on.

At Divers Direct, we want you to have everything you need for fun, for safety, for gifts, and for your gear, and if you still can’t find what you’re looking for in our online store, contact us and one of our scuba experts will be glad to help. Happy diving.