A Notice to Divers Direct Customers About Proposition 65

We at Divers Direct know you rely on us to make your time in the water safe, enjoyable

and memorable! We take that responsibility seriously and appreciate your trust. You may have

noticed a warning label on many of our products that you have not seen in the past. This warning

label is the result of a California law referred to as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic

Enforcement Act, or generally referenced as “Proposition 65”. Although we are a Florida-based

company, we do ship merchandise to California customers so we have included the warnings on

our products to ensure compliance with California regulations. Since we are including this

warning label, Divers Direct feels that we should explain a bit about Proposition 65 to arm our

customers with knowledge so they can make informed decisions about the relative risks of these

chemicals that may be present in consumer products.

Proposition 65 (“Prop 65”) is an Act passed by the California legislature that requires businesses

to disclose to California citizens a warning if their products contain certain chemicals or are

manufactured using certain chemicals. The State of California provides detailed information

about Prop 65, including a list of identified chemicals, at www.P65warnings.ca.gov. The

California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) annually maintains

and publishes this list of chemicals that the state has reason to believe cause cancer, birth defects

or reproductive harm. There are approximately 900 chemicals contained in that list and they are

present either as a component of consumer goods or used in the manufacturing of many

consumer goods, including things we all use daily such as automobiles, furniture, cosmetics,

food and beverages, medical supplies, electronics and more. Prop 65 does not establish

acceptable levels of exposure for its listed chemicals. Rather, the agency has provided “safe

harbor” exposure levels for approximately one third of the listed chemicals for which warnings

are not required.  These "safe harbor" levels are established for listed carcinogens based on the

quantity of the chemical that would result in one excess case of cancer in an exposed population

of 100,000, assuming lifetime (70-year) exposure at the level in question. A similar process is

used to establish safe harbor levels for listed reproductive toxicants. Additional information in

plain language on safe harbor levels is available from OEHHA at 


A Prop 65 warning label does not mean that the product you selected is certain to cause cancer,

birth defects or reproductive harm. The warning informs you that the product you selected was

made or manufactured using chemicals identified in the Prop 65 annual list and the risk


At Divers Direct, your safety is our highest priority and we spend a great deal of time selecting

our products to ensure this safety, as well as the reliability and quality you expect from our

company. We continually work with our suppliers to provide you the best equipment so that you

can have the best adventures.