Warranty Information

When you buy your gear from Divers Direct, you’ll feel safe knowing that we’re an authorized dealer for every product we sell. You know who isn’t an authorized dealer? That back alley watersports shop off Route 95 -- the one where the owner specifically reiterates the fact he only deals in unmarked bills. Neither is your Craigslist friend who genuinely seems like a nice guy (and probably is). Before you know it, your “lifetime” warranty is void because the only thing you’ve got is a handwritten receipt with the word “authorized” written on top in green crayon. Divers Direct is here to save you from this foreseeable trouble, because we’ve known people who’ve been there.

With Divers Direct, you’ll be notified of all instances concerning your purchase. If your gear is subject to a product recall, simply come in and we’ll exchange it with no questions asked. If so-said recalled merch can be fixed or modified to fit the new specifications, we’ll fix it per the manufacturer’s instructions. There you have it. This is our quadruple-dope warranty policy that can’t be found anywhere else. Oops, we did it again.

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