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With an underwater camera, you can share your amazing underwater moments with friends and family who don't dive. Underwater video cameras are a fantastic way to capture an entire dive, or spearfishing hunt, or really any other adventure. You know, if you want to make all your Instagram followers jelly of your incredible and thrilling underwater life, we won't judge. Divers Direct staff have thousands of dives and have shot gigabytes of underwater photos (we even used film when that was a thing). We're rather snobbish about which underwater camera and underwater video camera models we stock, so you'll only find the best.

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  1. Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 III Underwater Camera Kit Save
    List: $1,999.99 Sale Price: $1,578.97 & FREE Shipping You Save: $421.02
    Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 III Underwater Camera Kit
  2. List: $1,099.00 $898.97 & FREE Shipping Everyday Savings: $200.03
    SeaLife DC2000 Pro Light Underwater Camera and Light Set with Sea Dragon 2500
  3. Light & Motion Sola Video Light 2500 S/F Save
    List: $699.99 Sale Price: $419.99 & FREE Shipping You Save: $280.00
    Light & Motion Sola Video Light 2500 S/F

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Underwater camera basics

Taking pictures underwater requires specialized underwater camera or underwater video camera equipment. Here's the thing: water's not just wet and therefore deadly to most electronic gear. Water also changes the way light works. The deeper you go, the more low-frequency red light gets scattered by the waves, shifting visible colors toward the blue end of the spectrum. Also, a camera underwater has a narrower field of view than when in the air.

This sounds complicated, but you don't need a degree in physics or marine science to use an underwater camera. Modern types of underwater camera are easy to use and extremely reliable. Many are waterproof out-of-the-box to depths of more than 30 feet. If you add a waterproof housing, you can easily reach recreational diving depth limits.

Our underwater camera for beginners pick

We recommend several underwater cameras that are easy to use for beginner and intermediate photographers. The Sealife Micro 2.0 is beginner-friendly and reasonably priced. The big piano buttons on the underwater housing make it easy to use even while wearing gloves. Comes in its own housing, has photo and video modes - it's a solid point-and-click underwater camera.

Our recommended underwater camera for intermediate photographers

For the more experienced photographer, looking to take close-ups and wide-angle shots, who's willing to invest in high-quality accessories, we recommend the Olympus Tough TG-6 underwater camera. We offer all the underwater camera accessories you need along with underwater lighting. Capture everything from tiny blennies and turtles, to your dive buddy with this entire underwater kit.

Hottest underwater video camera

Does your buddy like barrel rolls? Is that remora getting a little too friendly? The best way to capture moments like these is with video. GoPro cameras can shoot video up to 4k resolution, and are waterproof to 130 feet. The options for mounting this underwater video camera are limitless. Head mount, wrist mount, pole mount, speargun mounts, chest mounts... the list goes on.

Need to know more about how to choose the best underwater camera? Stop in one of our local Florida dive shops or call 1-800-DIVE-USA to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable underwater photography experts.

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