Lobster season is fast approaching. So get ready to gear up and get out to grab your daily limit of your favorite seafood. A statewide event, the only question left is where will you go to find yours?

Check out our take on Florida Spiny Lobster Season then look over the details of Florida Lobstering Rules as you begin planning.

Hookah Lobstering

Lobstering Without a Tank

Dive Lights

To Help Find Them

Safety Gear

Be Careful Out There

Scuba Packages

Lobster With New Gear

Right now is the best time to look through your gear and fill in the gaps, upgrade, or replace those items that might be ready to be retired. ‘Cause let’s face it, Lobster Season is a great excuse to get the gear you’ve had your eye on. And we have the gear you want.

Check out our selection of lobstering gloves, catch bags, snares, lobster gauges, tickle sticks, snorkeling gear, scuba gear, freedive gear, and more.

You may even decide to sign up for a scuba certification course if you’re not already a diver.

Happy lobstering.