Underwater Scooters

An underwater scooter makes your dive easier and more fun by propelling you through the water. You'll go faster, farther, saving both tank time and energy. Hardcore lobster-hunters and spearos often use an underwater scooter to help them cover more ocean, and stalk more prey.

Most of us saw their first underwater scooter in a James Bond movie. Maybe you thought they were rare and expensive spy gear like a gold fountain pen that shoots poison darts. Fortunately, you don't have to report to Q's secret laboratory to get your own underwater scooter. Civilians like us can dive 007-style with an underwater scooter.

Underwater scooter considerations for smart shoppers

When you're looking for an underwater scooter, there are three major factors to consider: depth, battery life, and buoyancy.

Maximum depth - you don't want your diving plans to be limited by the constraints of your underwater scooter. Generally speaking, the deeper a scooter can go, the higher quality overall its construction. Don't worry overmuch if you're only planning to use your underwater scooter on the reef for fishing or hunting at fifteen feet or less - get the scooter you like best.

Battery life - how long do you plan to dive? You'll want to know the battery life of your underwater scooter (and keep track of run time with your dive watch) because the last thing you want is a dead battery and a long swim back to the boat or the beach.

Buoyancy - more buoyant underwater scooter models will be harder to handle the deeper you go. Some models have adjustable buoyancy for a greater useful range of depths.