Atomic TFX Regulator -regulator and yoke

Atomic TFX Regulator (Yoke)



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When your surface interval gets a bit too long and you’re in need of an attitude adjustment, grab your Atomic TFX Regulator and breathe easy underwater. From the 4x Yoke screw that attaches to your tank in just one twist (4x faster), to advancements in your second stage, you’ll have more fun without all the work.

With the TFX (Titanium Front Exhaust), Atomic Aquatics designed this second stage with titanium components to deliver reliable performance with every breath. High performance, this regulator features a coaxial diaphragm and exhaust valve so whether you’re looking up or down, your breathing efforts stays the same. That variable lift cam is responsible for delivering your air easily with low friction and low effort. And no worries, even though the exhaust is at the front of this regulator, the deflectors route the bubbles backwards so your view stays clear when you’re exploring, hunting, or sightseeing. Once you’re in the water, adjust your Venturi nozzle and focus on your dive.


Atomic TFX Regulator Features:

  • Yoke attachment
  • 4x Yoke screw
  • Flexible silicone tubing hose core
  • Titanium Front Exhaust (TFX)
  • Adjustable Venturi nozzle with gear drive
  • Titanium demand valve
  • Titanium second stage components
  • Lever with variable lift cam
  • Coaxial exhaust valve
  • Soft, flexible purge
  • Soft, adjustable Venturi control
  • Seat saving dynamic orifice
  • Variable lift cam
  • Coaxial diaphragm
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Exhaust deflectors

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm --

More Info

  • Product Sku: DD157686

More Info

  • Product Sku: DD157686

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