Atomic T3 Scuba Regulator (Yoke)

Atomic T3 Regulator (Yoke)
Atomic T3 Regulator (Yoke) Second Stage
Atomic T3 Regulator (Yoke) First Stage
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Atomic T3 Scuba Regulator (Yoke)




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Atomic Aquatics T3 Regulator offers top performance for the most discriminating diver. Its titanium construction provides lightweight, corrosion-free performance in a sleek stylish package.

The Atomic T3 Regulator's titanium construction delivers un-matched durability in a regulator that's super light-weight. No wonder it's the number one choice of traveling divers. With today’s airlines limiting weight restrictions on checked bags, you'll appreciate its light-weight construction. Whether you travel to remote destinations where repair service is challenging or you stay local, the Atomic T3 Regulator’s reliability will provide peace of mind for any diver.

Atomic Aquatics has been offering industry leading performance with its regulators and the T3 certainly lives up to that standard with its full set of features. Take its piston design for example. Atomic goes above and beyond normal production with the T3 regulator providing superior performance by including its high pressure piston seal system and a unique balanced flow thru design. They trump others in the industry by offering a unique seat system, which requires less frequent service intervals (3 years or 300 dives) opposed to the usual annual maintenance. The Atomic T3 Regulator also includes a factory sealed first stage, making it freeze protected, preventing contamination and standing up to the elements with unmatched performance and reliability.

Moving on to the second stage, we find a list of features offering the diver everything from ease of breathing to ergonomic comfort. No one likes to struggle to get air while diving and Atomic Aquatics knows this so they went the extra mile by including their AFC (Automatic Flow Control) diaphragm. This patented technology controls air flow and venturi effect, ensuring you breathe easy at every depth. The T3 regulator includes an adjustment knob on the second stage in the event you need to make a manual adjustment to airflow while diving. To add to your comfort while diving, the Atomic T3 includes a patented design which allows the second stage to swivel, preventing binding or kinking of the hose.

The Atomic T3 Titanium Swivel Sealed Regulator offers unmatched performance in all conditions including diving to extreme depths and diving in cold water.. This regulator is commonly used by more experienced divers; however, any diver wishing additional comfort and reliability will enjoy using this regulator. Effortless breathing at any depth and comfort, along with Nitrox compatibility, make the Atomic T3 Titanium Regulator the perfect choice for the diver who wants the best.


Atomic T3 Regulator Features:

  • First and second stage components are precision-machined from a solid titanium billet
  • Combined weight: 1.7 lbs (770 g)
  • Patented all-titanium comfort swivel with black PVD coating
  • High-flow second stage case and lever design significantly lowers breathing effort at any depth
  • PVD coated metal-accent front cover ring, lightweight adjustment knob, and AFC cover
  • Factory sealed first stage prevents outside contamination
  • First stage features Atomic's jet-seat high flow piston mechanism
  • Nitrox ready up to 40%
  • Atomic seat-saving orifice extends regulator life and prevents most common cause of leakage
  • Atomic automatic flow control

Atomic T3 Regulator Documentation:

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm --

More Info

  • Product Sku: 138310
  • Max Nitrox Mix: 40% O2
  • Connector Type: Yoke
  • Length Hose (inches): 32
  • Adjustable Second Stage: Yes
  • Balanced: Balanced
  • Number of HP Ports: 2
  • Number of LP Ports: 5
  • Material: Titanium
  • UPC Code: 882689107252
  • Accessory: No

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