GoPro® Cameras & Accessories

GoPro® HERO cameras leave your hands (and eyes, and mind) free to celebrate your adventures, even while you memorialize them. Capture your unforgettable experiences so you can share them. With your GoPro® you can inspire friends and family as well as people you've never met to get out there and have their own adventures. GoPro® believes sharing your experiences makes them more meaningful, and way more fun! Get your GoPro® HERO, turn it on, and start making memories.

A GoPro® HERO puts you in the action!

A GoPro® HERO camera lets you attack your next adventure head-on, and even prove it to your friends! With a GoPro® HERO you don't need any particular skill to be a professional. It's easy to use. One button to push, point, and shoot - that's how simple it is.

Need a speargun mount, a floating case, or a light set for your GoPro® HERO? Divers Direct has all the GoPro® accessories to get you equipped for your moment on film. Get the right gear! With your GoPro® HERO, you might be the next Instagram star.