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You're the kind of person who always loved to try new things, to explore where others wouldn't. The thought of going somewhere new gets your heart pumping faster, your mind thinking nonstop, and yet - it brings you peace of mind. What would you do if you could explore the 71% of the planet that most can't? Would you dive in?

To do that, you need to get in the water. Whether you're SCUBA diving or Freediving, you may have questions about both. You don't know if it's worth it, you might be afraid of drowning, or you may say the only ones that belong there are the fish. But, did you know that getting certified is cheaper than a weekend out with your friends? That SCUBA and Freediving are way at the bottom of the dangerous sports to practice? And that learning any of the two is easier than driving a stick car.

At Divers Direct Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando, we're here to connect you not only with your new instructor but also to the part of the planet you've been missing out on. Are you ready to enter the most unknown place in the universe?

At Divers Direct, we focus on:

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Getting certified takes, on average, 3 - 8 days. We connect you with a number of instructors that offer a variety of class structures to fit your needs. And if none of our classes is the way you want, your instructor will be happy to work something out with you.

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Like any other sports or hobby, there are theoretical and technical things to learn. This is so you can safely explore the depths of the ocean and always come back for more. Our instructors ensure you have the knowledge necessary to explore with confidence.

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Above all, Divers Direct wants you to be safe. It's with great pleasure that we connect you with instructors that have a 100% success rate. That means that every person we ever took underwater came back safe and sound, and continues to tell their stories.

Get certified with us and get 10% off your gear.*

How To Get Started

Scuba or Freedive

1) Choose Your Path

You have the option to explore the ocean one breath at a time through Freediving or with an air tank through Scuba diving. Made up your mind? Great, next step!

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2) Pick Your Class

We have different levels for Scuba and Freediving. Check out our offered courses below to learn more about what you can do!

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3) Sign Up for the Class

Signing up for your class is as simple as a phone call or email. Once you’re signed up, your instructor will send you an email with all the details.

Get certified with us and get 10% off on your gear.*

Get Advice

Scuba, Freediving and Professional Diving

Get Certified in Orlando or Ft. Lauderdale

All classes are taught in Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale. To inquire about a class you don't see any information, please call Orlando at 407-363-2883 or Ft. Lauderdale at 954-925-7630. If you would like to visit our stores, please visit for address, store hours and more.

Scuba diver students with instructor in pool

Scuba Diver Open Water Course

Your first step towards the wonders of the ocean up to 60ft (18 m). Learn the basics of scuba diving to get you confidently in and out of the water!

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Scuba Diver Advanced Open Water Course

The course for those who decided that just 60ft is not deep enough. Learn how to safely explore up to 100ft plus five specialty dives of your choice!

Scuba divers diving with nitrox

Scuba Nitrox Course

Looking to spend more time underwater or go deeper? You're looking for the Nitrox Diver Course - the one-class-section that gets you deeper for longer.

Diver providing help

Stress and Rescue Course

Stress is a natural response that can become a major factor in diving accidents. Learn how to recognize stress and how to safely get your buddies back up.

Scuba Specialty Courses

Specialty Courses

Advancing your skills in SCUBA is as important as any other hobby or sports. Check out our list of specialty courses and get ready to advance your skills.

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Referral Diver Course

Did you know you can learn the text book material wherever you want and we teach you all the technical skills in sunny Florida? It's called Referral Diver Course!

Scuba Refresher Course

Refresher Course

Has it been so long since you last dove that you don't remember if your regulator goes on the right or left side? It's time for a refresher course in one day.

Freediving instructor with student

Try Freediving Course

If you're not sure whether Freediving is for you or not, you can just give it a shot! Spend time in the water with the instructor to see if you're comfortable or not.

Freediver in water seen from below

Freediving Basic Course

The Freediving Basic Course is your gateway into the amazing world of freediving up to 16 ft (5m)! Learn how to safely discover the ocean in one breath.

Freediver going down

Freediving Level 1 Course

Learn the skills to confidently freedive to depths up to 65 ft (20m). Learn proper breathing techniques to expand your breath hold for up to 3 minutes and more!

Two freedivers next to buoy

Freediving Level 2 Course

Reach depths up to 98 ft (30 m) for longer periods of time with the Freediving Level 2 Course! Learn how to freefall, slow your heart rate, perfect buoyancy and more!

Freediver underwater

Freediving Level 3 Course

The course for those who decided that just 60ft is not deep enough. Learn how to safely explore up to 100ft plus five specialty dives of your choice!

Mermaid Try Course

Try Mermaid Course

Being a mermaid or mermen was always your dream? Then dive into our Try Mermaid course, open for ages 6+, and fall even more in love with the ocean.

Mermaid Course

Mermaid Course

Your first step towards the wonders of the ocean up to 60ft (18 m). Learn the basics of scuba diving to get you confidently in and out of the water!

Mermaid Ocean Course

Ocean Mermaid Course

The course for those who decided that just 60ft is not deep enough. Learn how to safely explore up to 100ft plus five specialty dives of your choice!

Dive Guide

Dive Guide

Dive Master

Dive Master

Assistant Instructor

Assistant Instructor

Dive Instructor


Dive Master to Instructor Course

From Dive Master to Instructor

Assistant Instructor Trainer

Assistant Instructor Trainer

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Types of scuba certification

All divers start with exactly the same scuba certification: Open Water Diver. Learn the principles and procedures of safe scuba diving, and then move to a pool to practice with real scuba gear. The next step for most divers is the Advanced Open Water Diver course. You don't need to be advanced to take this course - it's confusingly named this way because it's meant to advance your diving. They're scuba diving instructors, not marketers. You'll perform five dives focused on improving navigation skills, dealing with the feeling of deeper dives, using your gear including your dive light, compass, dive knife, and more.

Beyond this, there are many different scuba certifications you can pursue. Rescue diver training helps you prevent and manage problems that might occur on a dive. Divemaster training gives you the background to lead groups of divers on explorations. Master scuba diver is the pinnacle of scuba certification for civilians - we aren't trying to compete with the Navy SEALs - requiring a lot of training and at least 50 dives.

Scuba certification: so much to learn!

We call the open water course a passport to adventure for a reason. PADI alone offers, at the time of this writing, 81 different scuba diving certifications and scuba courses beyond open water diving. Don't be surprised to discover your open water diver card leads to more education, and more diving!

Freediving: exploring the ocean one breath at a time

Freediving is diving without tanks. Freediving courses teach breathing techniques and diving skills you need to dive as deeply as you want and stay down longer than you'd believe. Mastering freedive techniques empower you to explore the ocean without nearly as much gear or equipment as a scuba diver. It's a low-tech alternative to scuba diving that teaches reliance on your own body instead of your scuba diving gear. Check out our course offerings to learn freediving.

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