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Snorkel gear? Well, it just so happens that we live in snorkeling capital of the USA. Every summer, thousands of visitors glimpse their first sea turtle or dolphin thanks to Divers Direct snorkeling gear. The adventure is out there - what are you waiting for?

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  1. List: $97.00-$103.00 $87.95 - $89.95 Up To: $13.05 Off
    Mares Volo Race Scuba Fins
  2. List: $94.95 $84.95 You Save: $10.00
    Cressi Calibro Low-Volume Two-Lens Dive Mask
  3. Ocean Reef Snorkie Talkie for Aria Full Face Mask Save
    List: $90.00 Sale Price: $80.10 & FREE Shipping You Save: $9.90
    Ocean Reef Snorkie Talkie for Aria Full Face Mask
  4. List: $89.00 $79.95 You Save: $9.05
    TUSA Freedom One Dual-Lens Dive Mask
  5. List: $89.00 $79.95 You Save: $9.05
    TUSA Tri-Quest Panoramic Scuba Mask
  6. List: $84.00 $74.95 You Save: $9.05
    Mares Viper Mask
  7. List: $79.99 $69.99 & FREE Shipping Everyday Savings: $10.00
    EVO Hi Definition Snorkel Combo - Double Lens
  8. List: $79.99 $69.99 & FREE Shipping Everyday Savings: $10.00
    EVO Hi Definition Mask and Snorkel Combo - Single Lens

Items 73-96 of 257

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Snorkel Gear - the Snorkeling Gear You Need at Divers Direct

Your snorkeling gear kit contains, at a minimum, your mask, your fins and your snorkel. Depending on the fins you buy, you may also need neoprene booties. Divers Direct has the top brands and the best choices in every one of those categories. We’ll help you find what you need and get you ready for the water.

A good snorkel is obviously an essential part of your snorkel gear. You can buy one separately or as part of a snorkeling set with fins and a mask.

Snorkel gear also varies in size and style. Kids snorkeling gear include snorkels with a smaller overall length and smaller mouthpiece for easier use. Spearfishing or freediving snorkels have a silicone mouthpiece and a J-shaped air tube designed to follow the profile of this diver's face. The internal diameter of the tube is large enough to optimize the air flow rate. Freediving snorkels stay out of the way and reduce drag.

Most snorkeling equipment is made of plastic and silicone to increase durability. A removable mouthpiece is a nice option since it allows you to change the mouthpiece to fit your needs or when it becomes worn. Most snorkel gear also offers adjustments that attach to the mask securely. Those that slide, lock, and swivel make the attachment and adjustment process far easier.

Know your snorkel gear: types of snorkels

There are 3 main types of snorkels: Dry Snorkels, Semi-Dry Snorkels, and Purge Snorkels.

  1. The latest in snorkeling equipment technology is the dry snorkel. Dry snorkels have a self-regulating valve that senses the difference in weight between air and water. The snorkel top seals when submerged and automatically re-opens when you surface.
  2. Semi-dry snorkels have a splash guard at the top. While semi-dry snorkels keep out a majority of water, they do not block your air source completely as dry snorkels will. They allow even breathing and more flexibility on choppy days, but you'll still need to clear it if you dive.
  3. Purge snorkels have a completely open top but have a purge valve at the bottom for easier clearing.
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