Kids' Snorkel Gear

Kid's snorkeling gear - get your kids snorkeling!

We've had a range of experiences snorkeling with kids, with some excellent days and some really tough ones. But the most important ingredient for success is having the right gear – and that means investing in kid's snorkel gear that fits properly. You might need a personal flotation device for kids as well, depending on your child's swimming ability. Because we live, work, and play in the snorkeling capitol of the USA, we spend a lot of time snorkeling with our kids. We stock the kid's snorkeling gear we use ourselves, the gear we trust when we take our children to the beach.

All the kid's snorkeling gear you need to get started are a mask, fins, and a snorkel. Or choose a kid's snorkeling set for a package price. Don't forget sunscreen, towels, and snacks - and you're ready for a kid's snorkeling adventure!

Kid's Snorkel Gear

A kid's snorkeling trip is a great way to introduce them to the beauty of the ocean beneath the waves. It's important for them to have an enjoyable time while on the water, and one of the best ways to make sure that happens is making sure their snorkeling gear fits properly. That's why Divers Direct offers a complete line of kid's snorkel gear. We offer complete kid's snorkel sets so everything matches, ideal for identifying personal gear among a group of children. These kid's snorkel sets are sized to fit an average size range. You can also find kid's snorkel masks, fins, and snorkels as separate items, sized to fit nearly anyone.