Get Your Snorkeling Set

Your snorkeling set gives you a view of rainbows of tropical fish and the glorious undersea high-rises of coral. Here in Dania Beach, snorkeling capitol of the USA, we spend a lot of time testing out one snorkeling set after another. We stock a variety of snorkeling sets - all include a snorkeling mask and, of course, a snorkel. Other packages include fins, and some offer a dedicated gear bag to keep your set tidy between trips to the beach. When you choose a snorkeling set from Divers Direct, rest assured we've tried it ourselves, and we liked it enough to buy a whole bunch more. So grab your snorkeling set, enjoy the underwater sights in the Florida Keys or Red Reef Park or Dania Pier, and you'll be hooked.

Why choose a snorkeling set?

Most of our snorkeling set buyers are relatively new to the sport. Usually they're thrilled to be on vacation here in South Florida and can't wait to get to the beach. They don't already have snorkeling gear (some bring a pair of swimming goggles, thinking they'll have a sufficient view of the reefs) and aren't really thinking about which snorkeling set is the right one. They just want to get in the ocean.

Obviously, this isn't conducive to a nuanced discussion of the finer points of advances in snorkeling mask lens technology. For our grab-and-go snorkeling buyers, snorkeling sets offer your mask and snorkel (some even come with fings) to get you and your little ones in the water faster.

What's in a snorkeling set?

Any snorkeling set we offer includes a mask and a snorkel. Some gear packages also offer fins, which wraps up the essential snorkeling gear. Just add sunscreen and a towel! Depending on the snorkeling set you choose, a mesh gear bag might also be included. You don't absolutely need a snorkeling-specific gear bag - if you have one, though, it makes post-dive rinsing the salt water off your gear a lot easier. Also helps keep sand out of your other bags.