Staff Pick: Stream2Sea Sunscreen


Check out this quick video on why Raisa’s favorite item in the store is Stream2Sea’s sunscreen. Reef safe, Stream2Sea goes the extra mile to ensure they’re using the best ingredients for you, the waterways, the reefs, and everything living in our oceans.

Stream2Sea Sunscreen FAQ

What does Reef Safe mean?

For Stream2Sea, it means that the product has been tested and poses no harm to the reef, your skin, or aquatic species. Note that not all companies put their products through the stringent testing that Stream2Sea does.

What is this Protect Land + Sea Certification?

It’s one of the few times that scoring a 0% is a good thing. Protect Land + Sea Certified means that the product contains none of the chemicals on the Haereticus Environmental Lab (HEL) list of chemicals to avoid. 

Does Stream2Sea offer anything other than sunscreen?

Actually, yes. Since all water eventually leads to the oceans, Stream2Sea is focused on making products for your skin and body that won’t harm the environment. With lip balms, sunscreen, hair care, skin care, and hand sanitizers, Stream2Sea gives you options for your skin and hair care needs that are reef safe.