Sublue Navbow+ Accessory Kit

Sublue Navbow+ Accessory Kit
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Sublue Navbow+ Accessory Kit



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The Sublue Navbow+ Accessory Kit is designed to work with your Sublue Navbow and Navbow+ underwater scooters, and allows you to take your underwater scooter experience to the next level. Including 30 accessory pieces, if the part you’re looking for isn’t in here, we’d be surprised. Sublue even included the wrenches you need to install the accessories. From the smartphone waterproof case to the photography baseplate and waterproof LED lights, this accessory kit has it going on.

Note: Designed to work with both the Navbow and Navbow+ underwater scooters.

Sublue Navbow+ Accessory Kit Features:

  • H1 Accessories components
  • H1 expansion clip
  • H1 bluetooth handle assembly
  • H1 mobile phone case compartment
  • Mini diving camera fill light
  • Double ball butterfly clip
  • Allen wrench
  • Open-end wrench
  • Ball bracket
  • H1 packaging film
  • Navbow accessory group user manual
  • H1 smart waterproof phone case after-sale service
  • H1 smart waterproof phone case user manual
  • Seabow certificate (Chinese)
  • Navbow accessories packing box
  • H1 Smart waterproof phone case lining box
  • Product category-H1 smart waterproof mobile phone case bluetooth handle app sticker
  • Nylon Gasket
  • Hexagon socket countersunk head screws
  • ¼ Screw
  • Double head ¼ screw universal head
  • ¼ GoPro seat
  • ¼ Handle grip
  • Seabow custom A transparent accessory box
  • MIX PRO mobile phone holder ¼-20 hand-tightened quick release plate special screws
  • Accessory platform mounting screw double stud
  • Accessory platform mounting screw hole piece
  • The distal end of the accessory positioning column
  • Accessory mounting plate integrated
  • Accessory base integrated
  • Works with the Sublue Navbow and Navbow+ underwater scooters

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm --

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  • UPC Code: 659514468488
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