ScubaPro Go Sport Open Heel Dive Fins - Black
ScubaPro Go Sport Open Heel Dive Fins Single Fin View - Black
ScubaPro Go Sport Open Heel Dive Fins Angle View - Black

ScubaPro Go Sport Open Heel Dive Fins


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The ScubaPro Go Sport Open Heel Dive Fins offer comfort, performance and stability in a lightweight and durable design. Designed for barefoot use and compatible with socks, engineered to be lightweight for travel. A 25-degree pre-angled blade offers the ultimate in kicking action. They have a replaceable self-adjusting bungee heel strap to get a versatile fit. They can also be worn with a boot. A central power panel provides rigidity and creates a channeling effect. The underside of the rails have power bars to prevent over-flex. Designed with a unique stacking system, ScubaPro Go Sport Fins are perfect for the traveling diver or snorkeler who likes to take their own equipment. One fin blade has an interlocking tooth that hooks into the second fin. The bungee strap of the second fin then hooks the heel of the first fin into place. Designed to stack easily and fit into IATA carry-on compliant luggage, your Go Fins will keep you company on your next adventure.

ScubaPro Go Sport Dive Fins Features:

  • Virtually-indestructible Monoprene construction prevents de-lamination, broken blades, and ripped foot pockets
  • Open heel design that fits comfortably with boots if desired
  • Replaceable self-adjusting bungee heel strap for a versatile and comfortable fit
  • 25-degree pre-angled blade for kicking performance
  • Stacks easily and fits IATA carry-on compliant luggage
  • Excellent kicking performance even under high load conditions

ScubaPro Go Sport: ScubaLab 2019 Testers Choice

Here's what ScubaLab had to say about the ScubaPro Go Sport dive fins:

Based on the original barefoot Go fin, the new Go Sport offers the same travel-size convenience to boot-clad divers. Just over 20 inches long in size medium and only 1½ pounds apiece, this fin is compact enough to fit in your carry-on. In the water, the Go took top scores in almost every category — including power versus stress, where the angled blade and ventral support rails helped it churn water like a bigger fin. “A real go-getter,” one diver commented. The short blade performed very well in all styles of kicking and is highly maneuverable, with divers praising its ability to perform tight turns. Donning and doffing are effortless, with an excellent bungee strap and ergonomic finger loop. Made of durable 100 percent monoprene, the fins have small vertical stabilizing skegs at the blade tip that are interchangeable and — like the fin — come in a range of colors. Powerful, compact and overwhelmingly picked as the favorite of test ­divers, the Scubapro Go Sport is our ­Testers Choice.

More Info

  • Product Sku: DD121789
  • Blade Length: 20"
  • Material: Monprene
  • Sizing: Adult
  • Accessory: No
  • Recommended Use: Scuba, Snorkeling,Swim
  • Fin Type: Adjustable Fins
  • Split Fin: No

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