Scuba Fins

For over 35 years Divers Direct has been providing divers with the best Scuba Fins.

Scuba fins are critical to your dive experience. The right set of fins are the difference between an enjoyable dive and just trying to survive and make it back to the boat or shore. You’ll want to buy fins based on where you’re diving and what types of dives you’ll be doing. You’ll want to think about whether or not to get split fins and whether you prefer full foot or open heel (adjustable) fins.

To dive split fins or not to dive split fins. That is the question. The most popular fin design is the paddle fin because these fins are designed to allow you to glide through the water quickly. Technological advances have made these fins lightweight and efficient which means you glide right through the water regardless of conditions. On the other hand, split fins have their advantages. They are designed to work more like a propeller to decrease turbulence and increase efficiency in each kick. However, you won’t move as quickly through the water as you will with paddle fins. The decision on whether or not to go with split fins usually comes down to the conditions you’ll be diving in. If there’s a strong current, you’d be wise to stick with paddle fins. However, if there isn’t a strong current and conditions call for an easy dive, either will work well. Both styles come in Full Foot and Open Heel/Adjustable fins.

Full Foot - These fins can be worn with or without dive boots or dive socks. The foot pocket encloses most of your foot and usually has an opening at the toe to make them more comfortable. Great for warm and tropical water dives.

Open Heel/Adjustable - These fins feature a heel strap that is adjustable so you get the perfect fit every time and they are designed to be worn with dive boots. Dive boots provide additional protection from the elements while on a dive or snorkeling and provide a little bit of insulation so you stay warmer. Great for dives in all conditions, and because of the design, these fins are usually easier to put on and take off.

Fin Accessories - Includes replacement heel straps, color kits, and other accessories for your dive fins.

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