Koah Standard Reef Roller Speargun - 48inches

Koah Standard Reef Roller Speargun



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The Koah Standard Reef Roller is another amazing speargun from the Koah Roller Series. This handmade, teak wood speargun is recognized for its powerful shot and lack of recoil stemming from the ball-bearing rollers. They function as a pulley system, making it easier to cock a larger band. For an even more powerful shot the speargun can be flipped and the pretension band, also known as the “roller band,” can be placed at the second stage using the thumb indents. The roller band is cocked by using two wishbones; hooking the shorter wishbone onto the shark fin of the shaft. The top band, also known as the “kicker” band, assists by jumpstarting the shaft, helping the roller band follow through. By hooking a roller band underneath, the speargun gains roughly 20 percent of power compared to top band spearguns. With a metal rod located in the center of the speargun, the Koah Reef Roller series spearguns are ballistically balanced which increases power and accuracy while minimizing recoil. 


Koah Standard Reef Roller Speargun Features:

  • Teak wood base with epoxy coating
  • Adjustable roller band 
  • Carbon fiber lifters
  • Standard handle placement
  • Easy hip loading 
  • Ballistically balanced
  • Recoil cancellation 

More Info

  • Product Sku: DD160911
  • Handle Type: Standard
  • Length Total (in): 48
  • Material: Teak
  • Positively Buoyant: Yes
  • Speargun Type: Roller
  • Reel Included: No
  • Accessory: No