Wood Spearguns

You’re a large game kind of slayer. Power is a necessity, and much to your liking, these babies have a ton. It’s like we grant wishes or something.

Wood speargun for the Spearfishing Enthusiast

The classic banded spearfishing gun is typically wooden and comes in either the lightweight, streamlined Euro-band version, or its Americanized counterpart. The two models vary slightly since spearfishing on scuba is illegal throughout Europe (and in most other parts of the world) so these guns are built with the freediver in mind. This style is fast, accurate, and known to have success with even the squirliest of prey that you’ll encounter on the reef.

American brands of wooden speargun are bulkier and therefore pack more punch. Banded wooden styles of spearguns are used primarily to hunt larger, bluewater game. This banded style is slower in process, but more powerful than the Euro-band in delivery. For those hunting meticulously in clean waters, the added range of this style can be quite advantageous.