Koah Roller Speargun - Euro 110

Koah Roller Speargun - Euro 110
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Koah Roller Speargun - Euro 110



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Koah Roller Spearguns are designed to offer a powerful shot with amazing range from a shorter barreled speargun, while also reducing recoil. The Koah Euro Roller has a Euro style handle placement. Koah Roller spearguns offer three main advantages for spearfishing: intense shot power from a smaller sized weapon, minimal recoil, and quicker reloading since there are only two speargun bands. The brunt of the power from this speargun originates from a long spear band that begins on the bottom of the stock of the speargun. This spear band pulls through ball bearing rollers like a pulley to easily load the long spear band. By utilizing nearly the entire top of the speargun stock, there is only about 5-10% of power loss, as opposed to standard speargun bands that lose nearly 25-35 percent of power. An additional front "kicker" power band on the muzzle moves the spear shaft out of the trigger mechanism, while the long roller spear band pulls it along the stock. Once the two spear bands are loaded, you can flip the speargun over and move the long roller band to a lower second stage notch for increased power. When fired, the long roller band moves in two opposite directions at the same time, resulting in a complete lack of recoil. With the roller band design, the Koah Euro Roller 110 rivals the power of a larger 130cm standard Euro speargun.


Koah Roller Speargun Features:

  • Greater power with a significantly smaller barrel
  • Accuracy with less recoil than conventional spearguns
  • Longer range than conventional banded speargun
  • More maneuverable, less cumbersome — great for hunting on wrecks

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

More Info

  • Product Sku: 83156
  • Length Total (cm): 110
  • Positively Buoyant: No
  • Material: Teak
  • UPC Code: 600137649679
  • Accessory: No

Customer Reviews



5 out of 5 stars

Amazing gun. Enough said.

This is just absolutely stunning. Even just looking at the thing, it is sleek and streamlined. The wood work is just phenomenal. The roller band makes it easier to load as opposed to conventional bands, and more power is generated. John at Koah is also a really nice guy, he will answer any question you have about Koah products.