JBL Woody Sawed Off Magnum Speargun

JBL Woody Sawed Off Magnum Speargun



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With a mid-sized stock and African Mahogany construction, the JBL Woody Sawed Off Magnum Speargun has a range of 18 feet and includes a spinning rock point spear tip. The JBL Woody Sawed Off Magnum Speargun is an effective wooden speargun for shooting in nearly any environment. The African mahogany blank is hand selected for its grain pattern and straightness for a one-piece construction speargun barrel. This mid-sized speargun measures 43.5 inches without the spear shaft, for an effective shooting range of 18 feet. Equipped with a rotating rock point spear tip, this sharp object stays on-point even after you "accidentally" shot into that rocky ledge. The 2.62 double barbed wing span locks in your catch, yet is easy to remove from medium to small fishes. Since it rotates freely from the spear shaft, you won't run the risk of having your fish steal off with your spear tip, or worse—damaging your spear gear. Toss in three 9/16" x 20" speargun bands, and this wooden speargun is a powerhouse of applied force. So go ahead...point, fire, eat.


JBL Woody Sawed Off Magnum Speargun Features:

  • 43.5" speargun length without spear shaft
  • African mahogany stock
  • Three 9/16" x 20" speargun bands
  • 5/16" x 39" spear shaft
  • M8 three-piece trigger mechanism
  • Ergonomic honeycomb handle
  • Effective 18' shooting range
  • Spinning rock point spear tip

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More Info

  • Product Sku: 1422
  • Length Total (inches): 43.5
  • Spear Band Thickness: 9/16
  • Shaft Length (cm): 99.06
  • Shaft Length (inches): 39
  • Length Total (cm): 110.49
  • Positively Buoyant: No
  • Material: Mahogany
  • UPC Code: 753182230528