JBL Reaper Rail Speargun
JBL Reaper Rail Speargun Band Detail
JBL Reaper Rail Speargun Shaft Detail
JBL Reaper Rail Speargun Front Band Detail
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JBL Reaper Rail Speargun

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The JBL Reaper Rail Speargun is the first ever rail gun built from start to finish in their Oceanside California factory. When you pick up this speargun, it’ll feel like an extension of your body. This is a beautiful speargun with it’s carbon infused polymer handle. Yeah, it’s right where it belongs - in your hands under water. As you take aim, you’ll look down your aerospace aluminum extruded barrel and appreciate the integrated rail. Those two 5/8in bands are easily managed. You smile knowing that whatever prey you aim at is dinner. The Reaper Rail Speargun is deadly accurate. As you spot your prey and fire, your heart dances a bit as you squeeze the trigger. You recall that the trigger sear is cut from 1/4in 304 stainless steel, then you feel the energy transfer from the 17-4 heat treated spring stainless steel shaft down the streamlined muzzle in perfect alignment. Yeah, this is what spearfishing is meant to be.

Why buy a rail speargun rather than one without the rail? The rail assists in keeping the spear straight and gives the hunter more accuracy in shooting. And remember when you load your spear in the rail barrel, keep the spear line on top. If it falls under the rail shaft, it’ll cause you to shoot low.


JBL Reaper Rail Speargun Features:

  • Aircraft grade aluminum barrel with integrated rail
  • 9/32” heat treated stainless steel shaft with integrated Point and tuned flopper
  • Two 5/8in Elite Nitro Bands with triple core Spectra wishbones
  • Integrated barrel float chamber
  • Optional gun butt for easy loading
  • Integrated rail mount for accessories
  • Steel reinforced muzzle eyelet for reels
  • Ambidextrous safety and line release
  • Open muzzle with closed muzzle adapter for freeshafting
  • Ergonomic handle
  • American Made

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  • Product Sku: DD130509
  • Positively Buoyant: No
  • Accessory: No