Rash Guards

Rashguard FAQ

What is a rashguard?

A rashguard is an athletic shirt that provides protection from the sun, sand, sea, and stinging creatures. They can be long or short sleeved and while some fit snug, others are loose fitting.

Why use a rashguard?

Rashguards provide a quick, easy way to protect your skin from the sun, sand, and stinging sea creatures. Scuba rash guards also provide a little bit of insulation and help you retain body heat so you can stay in the water longer. First used by surfers to prevent getting a rash when paddling out on their board is where the rashguard got its name.

How should a rashguard fit?

Rashguards today are made to either fit snug or loose. If it’s a snug fit style it should fit like a second skin, while allowing you to maintain full range of motion. A loose fit style should fit like a comfy t-shirt.

What sports and activities should I wear a rashguard for?

Since rashguards are available in long and short sleeve styles, you can wear a snorkeling rashguard for any sport, activity, and even when you’re just hanging out with friends.

How do I care for my rashguard?

Most freediving rashguards today are made so you can toss them in the washer and dryer with your bathing suit. Just double check the label first.

What is a dive skin?

A dive skin is a body suit that provides a thin layer of protection for your skin from the elements, including the sun, cuts, scrapes, and stings. Usually made of a lycra/spandex blend, these are a great base layer under any wetsuit for added insulation or great on their own when you just want that little bit of protection.