Men's Boardshorts

What are Board Shorts?

Board shorts are a type of swimwear that look more like casual shorts than something you'd wear swimming. Originally, board shorts were developed by surfers who need knee-length coverage so sticky surfboard wax doesn't stick to their legs, ripping out body hair, and generally ruining their day. Board shorts are made from lightweight synthetic materials (polyester or nylon) that are quick-drying to help keep you comfy once you're out of the water. Men's board shorts typically have an interior lining, just like a swimsuit, to provide support in the absence of underwear. Finally, board shorts often have at least one pocket. You'll find many different colors and patterns among our board shorts collection, from psychadelic bright patterns inspired by surfer culture, to low-key earth tones suitable for late-morning brunch dates.

If you're spending a day at the beach, or you just want to be prepared for watersports adventures, board shorts are a great choice for all-day wear.

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  1. EVO Vapor Stretch 20 Up to
    List: $42.99-$44.99 Sale Price $23.99 Up To: $21.00 Off
    EVO Vapor Stretch 20" Boardshorts (Men's)
  2. Huk Classic 20” Boardshort (Men's) Save
    List: $55.00 Sale Price $34.97 You Save: $20.03
    Huk Classic 20” Boardshort (Men's)
  3. Huk Freeman 21” Boardshort (Men's) Save
    List: $60.00 Sale Price $34.97 You Save: $25.03
    Huk Freeman 21” Boardshort (Men's)
  4. List: $59.95 $34.97 You Save: $24.98
    Vissla Slamet 20" Boardshorts
  5. List: $59.95 $34.97 You Save: $24.98
    Vissla El Granada 20” Boardshort
  6. List: $54.95 $34.97 You Save: $19.98
    Billabong 73 Stripe Pro 19" Boardshorts
  7. List: $59.95 $34.97 You Save: $24.98
    Billabong Fifty50 Fade Pro Boardshorts

Items 1-24 of 52

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