Knives & Tools

Dive knives and scuba diving tools are essential pieces of equipment you need on every dive. Get the right stuff here!

Having the right dive knife makes it easier to handle the surprises found underneath the waves. Whether cutting yourself free of entanglements, checking out a wreck, or for safety, the multi-purpose scuba knife is one of the most valuable tools in any diver’s kit. Here you will also find accessories like knife keepers, wraps, and multi-purpose scuba tools for maintaining your scuba equipment.

Dive Knife, Scuba Knife, & Tools

Many divers want a dive knife, and we offer several diving knife options from the best manufacturers in the business. From blunt tip dive knives and sharp tip dive knives, to titanium or stainless steel. Additionally, don't forget to protect your scuba knife from rust by using silicone.

Most dive knives fall between two and five inches, with smaller blades being easier to handle and larger knives providing more edge to work with. Serrated edges are best when cutting natural materials like rope or kelp, while straight edges are best for synthetics like plastic or nylon fishing lines. Blunt dive knives are considered safer as they are less likely to puncture a BCD or wetsuit, while pointed dive knives are popular as spearfishing knives because they make it easier to apprehend your catch. A stainless steel dive knife is the most common selection due to the price savings, but low-maintenance titanium dive knives are valued very highly for their ability to hold an edge and resist corrosion. In addition to a selection of dive knife wraps and straps, we also carry a full selection of scuba tools for working on your kit.