Freediving Masks & Snorkels

How are you supposed to see your game if you don’t have an A+ spearfishing mask? Not very easily, that’s for sure. Make sure your spearfishing mask quality is up to snuff. If you are spearfishing while freediving, we recommend a low volume mask with a black mask skirt.

Spearfishing Mask

Most spearos prefer low volume masks with a black mask skirt. This gives you the widest field of vision while minimizing the reflections and glare from light entering the mask through a clear skirt. Low volume spearfishing masks are also easier to clear and equalize, especially on breath hold dives.

Specialized masks are available for your spearfishing adventures. Mirrored lenses are fabled to prevent fish from seeing your eyes targeted on them. These mirrored lenses are not as effective in turbid waters. Amber lenses are also available to increase contrast so that the target becomes easier to see, especially in lower visibility.

To begin, start with a mask that fits well and is easy to clear. If possible, try your spearfishing mask on before you purchase it.