Suunto Scuba Computers

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Suunto computers for scuba diving have a history of excellence. Created in Finland in 1936, Suunto revolutionized the traditional dry compasses by creating the liquid-filled compass - a technology with a steadier needle, better readings and an improved level of accuracy. In 1965, Suunto opened its diving division after a British diver discovered the compass worked underwater. Since then, Suunto has worked to offer the most precise scuba diving computers and dive watches for every underwater application.

The Suunto scuba computer division became the world leader manufacturer of dive watches and dive computers in the 1980s when it launched the very first of many Suunto computers, the Suunto SME-ML. Divers no longer had to waste attention calculating bottom time -- instead, a quick glance at the first Suunto scuba watch told them when to go up. Today, Suunto computers serve every diver's needs with the very same precision and quality of 1936.

Suunto Computers for Scuba: the Right Direction

Suunto has been dedicated to building the most precise dive watches from the beginning. From their first compass to today's dive computers, their commitment to accuracy has persisted for decades. Now, Suunto offers a variety of dive computers and watches to all divers, from novice to technical. Explore our full range of Suunto products and discover new places. If you have more than 50 dives, interact with sharks on a steep-sided volcanic cone dive with wild and unpredictable currents in the Big Brother, Egyptian Red Sea. Or, stay local with Divers Direct and check out the Molasses Reef in Key Largo, where you can see lobsters, moray eels, and nurse sharks. With Suunto scuba computers, no matter where you go, you'll never get lost.

Dive with Suunto Scuba Computers

Commitment and persistence have taken Suunto to be the pioneer in prime dive watches and computers for divers. In 2015, Suunto showed its dedication to high-quality dive watches when it introduced the Suunto EON Core, an intuitive wrist dive computer that combines advanced technology with a bright color screen that shows the most crucial information every diver needs to know. The Suunto tank pod transmitter integrates with your wrist dive computer to give you tank pressure wirelessly.

Conquer new territories with Suunto.