Sunday Afternoons

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The Sunday Afternoons story begins in the 1980s when the founders, while exploring all the beauty and nature the Pacific Northwest has to offer, developed an all-weather Adventure Blanket to help the family stay dry and comfortable. Their Adventure Blankets were such a hit by the early ‘90s that they made their company official, bringing Sunday Afternoons into the nature-loving world. In an effort to reduce the waste of their colorful blanket scraps, they began to make hats from the residual material and within a few short years, the Adventure Hat was born, featuring UPF 50+ fabrics, a wide brim, and a neck cape. From this one hat sprung a multitude of styles and shapes that are all designed for optimum sun protection. Of course, Sunday Afternoons is not only committed to protecting you and your family while you explore and have fun, they’re committed to protecting the environment with their own Giving Back program for environmental conservation.