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Since 1972, Oceanic has been bringing Bob Hollis' curiosity to those who love exploring the sea. Hollis changed the diving experience when he started to design and manufacture underwater cameras, strobe housings, and lights in Hayward, California. It didn't take long until people asked Hollis to make equipment for them, and a thriving mail-order business began.

Four years after its opening, Oceanic acquired Farallon Industries. The manufacturer provided the company with a complete line of diving gear, including innovative instrumentation products. Hollis believed that digital instrumentation was crucial to the future of diving. In 1981, Oceanic introduced DataMax, the first mechanical depth gauge with an automatic timer. The product was an instant hit and propelled Oceanic to the forefront of dive equipment suppliers.

Diving Safely with Oceanic

Once Oceanic introduced the DataMax, dive computers became a mandatory piece of equipment for all divers to explore the ocean safely. Oceanic continues to innovate and develop products that improve every diver's experience. Explore our full range of Oceanic products and be ready to dive into any underwater environment. Visit the Cape Kri coral garden in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, and see over 300 different species of fish, or venture into the Barracuda Point in Sipadan Island. Or, if you want to stay local with Divers Direct, explore the Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary in Big Pine Key, where there are 35ft rock ledges, tropical color reef, and miles of coral reefs. With Oceanic, underwater adventures are safe.

Dive with Oceanic

Curiosity and innovation have taken Oceanic to be the pioneer in gear for diving adventures. Oceanic shows its mission with the tagline 'Innovation First.' The Oceanic people created an environment that divers can count on to offer the diving products and services that all divers need at prices they are willing to pay. We invite all divers to shop Oceanic.