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The LOKSAK company is committed to protecting your gear no matter what you’re doing. From protecting your leftovers from dinner with the OPSAK, keeping your phone dry while diving with the aLOKSAK, or even blocking electromagnetic radiation from phones or laptops through the ShieldSAK, these bags have your items totally covered. Their aLOKSAK bags can keep items dry and safe up to 60 meters down, and whatever you have in there will be protected from water, humidity, dirt, dust, and more. The best part is, they never use BPA or harmful chemicals in their production, and when it’s time to replace your aLOKSAK, you can recycle it. These products are FDA approved, made in the USA, and used throughout the world by explorers, adventurers, scientists, military, law enforcement, and generally anyone who needs to keep their gear safe and dry.