Brownie's Third Lung Tank-Free Hookah Diving

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The Brownies Third Lung was Invented by W.C. Brown in 1969. Ever since, this tank-free diving system has been empowering underwater explorers to dive virtually gear-free while breathing fresh air from the surface. Brownies Third Lung has been working for over 45 years now to make diving easy. Their designs have been thought out and tested over many years to ensure the diver's experience is seamlessly pleasant and safe.

Extremely balanced and with a Quick Release Swivel, the Brownies Third Lung compressor enables divers to explore the water without the need of any heavy gear or dive certification. Their patented Peloton hose configuration allows divers to safely swim around with enough room while still keeping them together. All of this while letting those who are on the surface see where each diver is under water.

Brownie's Third Lung Helps You Dive in Freedom

If you want to dive light, try the Brownie's Third Lung. The third lung uses a Honda engine to power the compressor, which produces 35% less vibration than competitive models, extending the life of the equipment and enhancing comfort for divers. Less noisy, too! The Brownie's Third Lung features a Quick Release Swivel that makes it easy to connect the hose and to swim around. With the Brownie's Third Lung, you can explore without the need of any other gear. Jump in the water with the Brownie's Third Lung and swim with turtles, billfish, and tunas in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil. Or, stay local with Divers Direct and check out Jupiter where you can see squids, manatees, lobsters, sea turtles and more.

Brownie's Third Lung and accessories

Divers Direct offers a wide range of Brownie's Third Lung products including hookah systems, dive flags, and add-a-diver kits to expand the number of divers your Third Lung can support.

Continous Innovation with Brownie's

Brownie's Third Lung strives to innovate its products continuously. With most of its member being shareholders, the Brownie's Third Lung team is fully invested and interest in always creating the best products. The Brownie's Third Lung team is always testing their products and finding new ways to stay true to their tagline 'Diving Made Easy.'