Atomic Aquatics

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Founded in 1995 by Dean Garraffa and Doug Toth, Atomic Aquatics works to deliver the highest caliber of diving equipment around the world. The founders have been working on creating the best dive gear possible since 1976, and nowadays they apply their extensive knowledge on leading the Atomic team. Before Atomic Aquatics, there was no best.

Atomic Aquatics innovated the scuba industry when it first used titanium in regulators for lightweight and longevity. After that, they expanded into different material blends to provide the most reliable materials for divers with the same benefits at different price points. Today, Atomic Aquatics continues to innovate the scuba diving gear industry with its continuous search to create and offer high-quality dive gear.

    Atomic Aquatics: Passion for Superior Products and Performance

    Superb gear for divers worldwide is the Atomic Aquatics reputation. From its titanium regulator to the sealed ball swivel, Atomic produces high-quality products in its in-house factory in California. The factory, combined with the founders' obsession for intelligent design and expert engineering, have led to breakthroughs and production of outstanding products. Extreme-dive in the most nerve-wracking night dive with strange bioluminescent creatures that rise to the surface to eat and watch nature's bright psychedelic show in pelagic magic, Kona, Hawaii. Or stay local with Divers Direct, and discover the largest clear water cavern in Williston, Florida. Go from recreational to extreme diving with Atomic Aquatics.

    Atomic Aquatics' hottest gear at Divers Direct

    Divers Direct proudly offers the best diving gear products from Atomic Aquatics such as Dive Computers, Masks, Snorkels, Accessories, and more.

    Dive with Atomic Aquatics!

    Passion and attention to detail and quality have taken Atomic Aquatics to become one of the best diving gear companies in less than 20 years. Atomic Aquatics expresses such dedication with its tagline 'Before Atomic Aquatics, there was no best.'