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The Airline hookah tank-free diving system gives you the ability to explore underwater virtually gear-free (like snorkeling), for hours, without surfacing. Unlike scuba tanks, Air Line compressors deliver unlimited air and run 3-3.5 hours on a single tank of fuel. Lightweight, single-person-portable equipment takes up about the same amount of space as a single diver's scuba gear. Simple and straight-forward to use -- great for families!

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The Airline hookah tank-free diving system delivers the gear-free feeling of snorkeling -- without the necessity of surfacing. Supporting 2-4 divers for up to 3 hours, the Airline hookah keeps you and your family or friends diving all afternoon. With 100-foot air lines connecting you to the compressor floating on the surface, you'll enjoy nearly unlimited motion. All you need is a belt to secure your line. A single person can carry all the gear you need -- no racks of heavy tanks to drag onto the boat. Dive off the beach, the dock, or the deck. Airline hookahs feature high-quality regulators on swivels for comfort and ease of use. Gas engine is rugged, reliable, and easy to care for. Set-up takes moments (and doesn't require any head-scratching or consulting the owner's manual!). Highly stable float includes diver down flag for safety. The Airline hookah offers a compact, lightweight, cost-effective method for exploring reefs, stalking lobsters, or spearfishing in shallow waters.