Staff Pick: Zeagle Zena BCD


Vanessa in our Ft Lauderdale store loves the Zeagle Zena BCD (Buoyancy Compensation Device). Designed to work with the curves of her body, this BC has features that make it the perfect choice for any woman. Check out this quick video on what makes this BCD Vanessa’s Staff Pick. 

Questions about how to choose the right BCD for you? Check out our blog on How to Choose the Right Scuba BCD for You.

Zeagle BCD FAQs

What features make it a woman’s BC?

Typically, a BCD made for a woman has narrower shoulder straps that are curved, an adjustable chest strap or the chest strap is a little higher, the adjustment point on the shoulder straps is usually located a little lower on the strap, and the location of the cummerbund or waist strap.

Is there a difference between a BC and a BCD?

Nope. It’s just two ways to refer to the same item. A BC is a Buoyancy Compensator while a BCD is a Buoyancy Compensation Device.

What is Zeagle’s Personal Fit System?

Offered on (almost) all Zeagle back inflate BCDs (Covert-XT is excluded), the Personal Fit System allows you to customize the fit of your BC with interchangeable components. You can even adjust the cummerbund up to 6” on each side. Making it fully adjustable, it’s like you get a custom made BCD. Check out Zeagle’s video on how it works.

Why does Zeagle use Ballistic Nylon in their BCDs?

Ballistic Nylon takes rugged durability to a whole new level. When Zeagle uses this material in their BCDs, the intent is to reinforce your gear so it stands up to the elements better and lasts longer.