Staff Pick: EVO Rechargeable LED Dive Light (1000L)


Check out this quick video on why Walt’s favorite dive light is the EVO Rechargeable LED Dive Light (1000L). With three operating modes, this handy rechargeable dive light is the perfect take along whether you’re exploring or hunting.

EVO Rechargeable Dive Light FAQs

What is the EVO Rechargeable Dive Light used for?

Taking a dive light along on every dive is highly recommended. First, it’s a safety device that can be used for signaling other divers or boats. Second, it’s a tool to help you explore. Third, it can come in quite handy when you’re hunting and looking in cracks, crevices, and hidey holes.

What operating modes does the EVO Rechargeable Dive Light offer?

This handy dive light offers high power, medium power, and strobe modes.

Does this dive light come with a charger?

Yes. Everything you need to charge and use this dive light comes in the compact carry case. It even includes a lanyard so taking your light along is super easy.

How deep can I take this dive light?

The EVO Rechargeable Dive Light has a depth rating of 328’.