Staff Pick: Aqua Lung i330R 2 Gauge Console Dive Computer


Why does Fritz choose the Aqua Lung i330R Console Dive Computer? It has everything he loves about his wrist version of the same dive computer in a convenient boot with his pressure gauge attached. Check out what else he has to say about the i300R Console Dive Computer.

Aqua Lung Console Dive Computer FAQ

What is the advantage of having the i330R dive computer in a console?

That’s easy. With this console dive computer, you get your pressure gauge right there next to your dive computer. All the dive data you need in one convenient package.

If I already have the i330R wrist dive computer, why would I buy the console too?

First, if you’ve been diving for a while, chances are you’ve had a computer malfunction, low battery, or issue of some sort. When you pick up the console dive computer, as Fritz points out, you already know the computer and it makes a great backup. Second, it’s got your pressure gauge housed in the same boot to make managing your gear and dive data a bit easier.

Why is it called a console dive computer?

Because it’s housed in a boot (or console) along with your other gauges. Another benefit is that the console attaches to your first stage and usually has your pressure gauge right there with it. Kinda like looking at your car’s dashboard, you get all your dive data in one glance.

What is this ‘boot’ I keep hearing about?

A boot is a housing for your gauges and/or dive computer that absorbs all the shock (or bumping around) that's bound to happen when transporting dive gear. Not only does it protect your enclosed computer and gauges, it’s also a handy way to keep your gauges together and easy to find when you need them.

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