Must See Dive and Ocean Documentaries


Unfortunately, we can’t be in the ocean 24/7, but thankfully moving pictures exist and many curious, brave souls have dedicated their lives to recording the wonders of the underwater world.  There are so many documentaries out there that can bring a little of the sea to our living rooms that cover subjects from research about marine life and aquatic habitats in general or even about various divers themselves and what divers go through in the deep. Whatever you’re into, you’ll be able to be submerged in the experience right from your cozy, comfy home.

We Recommend…

Documentaries About Nature

Nature documentaries and docu-series are a great way to learn more about the whats and whys of the natural underwater world. Let’s explore some great nature documentaries on our list!

The Blue Planet & Blue Planet II (Prime Video) 

This is likely the most popular nature docu-series out there, and it’s really no wonder why. It’s incredible! The Blue Planet and Blue Planet II have been around for decades and Sir David Attenborough is our voice of enlightenment on this journey through the sea. If you’ve not seen these series yet, you’ve at least likely heard of them, and now is your sign to pull up your Prime Video account and start your hours- long journey into ocean education. Check out this clip for a look at what you’re getting into:

My Octopus Teacher (Netflix)

The documentary My Octopus Teacher gained quick popularity for its closeup look at a unique relationship between a man and a wild octopus. This man went diving every single day in various conditions to watch this octopus and learn her habits and lifestyle. This documentary has a sad but sweet ending and you’ll be surprised at how attached you become to their relationship.

Documentaries About Climate Change

Chasing Coral (Netflix)

Chasing Coral came out in 2017 and is an in depth look at how the coral life of the world has changed over these past decades. You’ll find out so much more about coral, what it is, what it does, and how it’s both dependent on the health of the ocean and governs the health of the ocean. Chasing Coral is a must watch for anyone looking to learn more about the health of the ocean and what affects it.

A Plastic Ocean (Peacock/Prime/Netflix) 

If you’re not a fan of being held accountable for your actions, you’re not going to like this documentary. A Plastic Ocean is a hard look at how plastic is taking over and destroying the planet and its inhabitants. It goes into depth about the plastic being ingested by animals (including us) and piling up on our shores and in the deepest depths of the sea. It also highlights those who have been studying this problem and working to improve the plastic issue. Remember though, it’s been a collective effort to cause this issue, and it will be a collective effort to heal it.

Mission Blue (Netflix) 

Mission Blue is a celebration of Dr. Sylvia Earle’s life and work, and is, in essence, her own manifesto of the ocean’s need for help and attention. Dr. Earle’s passion can be felt through the screen and is inspiring to anyone watching. If you need a little push to take charge and act for the health of the ocean, this documentary will kick you into gear.

Documentaries About Divers

The Deepest Breath (Netflix)

This documentary explores the world of competitive freediving and a woman who strived for each next extreme and the safety diver who worked with her to get there. Grab a box of tissues for this one. It does not have a happy ending, but it is a powerful story about love and freediving that is definitely worth a watch.

Last Breath (Netflix) 

The Last Breath is a documentary that’s also quite a thriller. This is a look into what happened on one September day in the North Sea when a commercial diver gets disconnected from his umbilical system and the rescue mission that follows. You’ll be on the edge of your seat in suspense the whole time, and this film offers a fascinating perspective of the risks many commercial divers take and the different kinds of diving people do in the world.

Roll the Credits

These ocean documentaries are a great way to stay aquatic even on your surface intervals. With these illuminating documentaries, you can discover and learn more about the ocean, its current challenges, its wildlife, and those who explore it all and dedicate their lives to the sea. There are plenty more out there, but these are a great start to bringing the underwater world to your home.


Where can I watch nature documentaries? 

Thankfully, nature documentaries are not hard to track down anymore. Most streaming services have a documentary section these days and there is a whole cable channel dedicated to sharing nature information. Both Netflix and Disney+ have vast assortments of nature and ocean documentaries. 

Are documentaries a reliable source for information? 

Documentaries are an incredibly powerful way to relay information and the goal of a documentary is to share factual information. This does not necessarily mean that they get things right 100% of the time—there can always be a slight margin of error. 

Is the ocean in trouble? 

It’s undeniable at this point that if humans continue as we are where plastic, oil rigs, and climate change are concerned that the damage done to the ocean will become irreparable. The information we see in these documentaries can be hard to face, but the more we know about what is happening, the more we can resolve how to help. 

What can I do to help the ocean? 

There are so many ways to help heal the planet. Starting with eliminating single-use plastics is a great way to help. Sharing great documentaries as a form of informing your friends of the issues is also helpful and easy. Advocating for responsible business practices where you see corporations failing the planet is challenging but could have the greatest impact. There are plenty of other ways to help, like cleaning up beaches, volunteering for or donating to conservation causes, and even simply opting for a vegan or vegetarian diet.