All Stores Now Open - Yes!

While celebrating (you can’t see us but we’re doing our ‘yippee!’ dance), we’re reopening our stores in accordance with state, local, and CDC guidelines. What that means to you is that store openings will be determined by the municipalities and hours may be limited as we transition back to our normal operations. Please check our website or reach out to the store to ensure we’re open before you head over. We’re getting the stores open as quickly as the authorities will allow us - so please bear with us as we all adjust to the new ‘normal.’

Our OrlandoKey LargoKey West and Ft Lauderdale Stores are now open.

We're Open Safely:

As we open back up, it’s not just about diving - we want to ensure you and your family’s safety when you come in to shop with us. We’re committed to providing a safe, clean environment for our customers and employees alike. To accomplish this, we’re putting many policies/procedures in place immediately. 

All employees will wear face coverings and we ask that our customers wear face coverings when in the stores as well.

We’re asking everyone to maintain social distancing in the stores and we’ll provide markings on the floor to assist with maintaining a 6 foot distance at the checkout areas.

Hand sanitizer will be readily available for use in our stores for our customers and associates alike.

And we’re cleaning and sanitizing the stores all day. You’ll likely see our employees turning the chore of wiping down surfaces (including counters, doors, handles, phones, credit card machines, and anything else anyone touches) into a game. We gotta do it - why not have fun doing it? So please, don’t get offended if you set something down and one of our staff comes right behind you to sanitize it.

There’s so much more that we’re doing to ensure everyone’s safety behind the scenes too. Before you even open the door to enter our stores, know that every single employee has been temperature screened before starting their shift. Additionally, we’re treating all interior spaces of all our stores with a long-lasting airborne pathogen removal spray. This particular sanitizer works to kill most common germs on contact and keeps working for 28 days.

Note that we’ll continue to offer curbside pickup for shoppers who prefer not to enter the stores. Though we’d love to see your smiling face (okay, eyes) as you peruse the store, we understand and are keeping this option available also.

We might be more excited than you to return to the stores. As much as you’ve missed being able to stop in and pick up what you want, we’ve missed seeing you and sharing stories. Committed to serving your diving and aquatic sports needs while also keeping you and your family safe. We’re here for you and are excited to see you again.

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