Suunto EON Core Wrist Dive Computer with Tank Pod Transmitter
Suunto EON Core Wrist Dive Computer with Tank Pod Transmitter - Black
Suunto EON Core Wrist Dive Computer with Tank Pod Transmitter - Tank Pod
Suunto EON Core Wrist Dive Computer with Tank Pod Transmitter - White
Suunto EON Core Wrist Dive Computer with Tank Pod Transmitter - Lime

Suunto EON Core Wrist Dive Computer with Tank Pod Transmitter


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Buy the Suunto EON Core and get the Tank POD f...

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Suunto Tank POD Transmitter, Multi-Tank


Buy the Suunto EON Core and get the Tank POD for free!

Save when you buy the Suunto EON Core Wrist Computer together with the Suunto Tank POD. The Tank POD Multi provides wireless air integration with the EON Core. A green blinking light indicates when the tank POD is on and transmitting data. Use multiple tank PODs at the same time, and get the first 1 for free when you buy this bundle.

  • Easy to order! This listing includes both the Tank POD and EON Core with discount already applied
  • Must buy both the Tank POD and EON Core to receive the discount
  • While supplies last


Explore in Color with the Clear, Customizable Suunto EON Core

The compact Suunto EON Core is a great dive companion whether you are new to diving or an experienced pro. The clear, color display is easy to read. The key details of your dive are displayed with large, prominent numbers and graphics. Use the customizable profiles to adapt the EON Core display and dive logs to suit your needs. Bluetooth connectivity and FREE apps make it easy to manage and share your logs. This full-featured, air-integrated dive computer is your reliable partner down to depths of 80m/260ft.

  • Great for beginners and pros
  • Easy-to-read, large color interface with graphics
  • Compact and comfortable case design is lightweight for long dives
  • Customizable and updatable software stays relevant through the years
  • Bluetooth connectivity to sync with mobile devices and apps
  • Suunto Fused™ RGBM algorithm to maximize bottom time
  • Customize display settings with personal profiles
  • Wireless air integration for accurate tracking
  • Track dives with Suunto DM5 software for PC and Mac
  • Share unique multimedia dive log videos using the Suunto Movescount App for iPhone and Android


Features List:

Display and Design

  • Lightweight case design
  • Flip Display for right or left-handed use
  • High-contrast color TFT screen with large numbers
  • Simple, intuitive user interface with multiple, pre-programed design styles
  • Customize features with Suunto CustomDisplay™ in Suunto DM5
  • Use with strap or bungee (bungee sold separately)


  • Wireless air integration
  • User-updatable software
  • Wireless log transfer capability
  • Connect over Bluetooth to Suunto Movescount App
  • Wireless tank pressure readings from up to 10 Suunto Tank PODs
  • Keep a diary and share your adventures and photos in Suunto Movescount
  • Plan and customize easily with Suunto DM5


  • 4 custom displays per dive mode
  • Configurable LED backlight with Always-On function
  • 200h logbook with bookmarks and lifetime dive history
  • No-Decompression planner, safety stop and deep stop
  • Gas time, real-time gas consumption, and gas switching,
  • Temperature display and altitude adjustment
  • Time Tracking:
    • Stopwatch
    • No-Fly time
    • Dive time 0-999 minutes
    • Surface time 0-100 hours
    • Ascent time display 0-999 minutes



  • 17 languages
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Color TFT display with 320x240 resolution
  • Gauge/Air/Nitrox/Trimix/CCR (fixed point)
  • Suunto Fused™ RGBM algorithm for maximizing dive time
  • No-decompression dive planner
  • Tilt compensated 3D digital compass
  • Guaranteed to 80m/260ft depth
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with battery indicator
  • Battery life: 10-20 hours in dive mode; 2 months in time mode
  • Decompression model: Suunto Fused™ RGBM
  • Gases: Up to 10 (Oxygen 5 - 99% / Helium 0 -95%)
  • Gas max pO2: manual 0.5 - 1.6 / fixed 1.6
  • Logbook memory: 200 h
  • Logbook sampling rates: 10s
  • Visual style options: Classic/Graphical/Prominent
  • Bezel material: Composite
  • Glass material: Mineral crystal
  • Case material: Reinforced composite
  • Strap material: Elastomer
  • Weight: 154g/5.43oz


  • Too fast ascent
  • Decompression ceiling violation
  • Deepstop violation
  • CNS/OTU (OLF) 80% / 100%
  • Switch gas (better gas is available)
  • Diluent switched automatically
  • Diluent high pO2
  • Diluent low pO2
  • ICD warning
  • Dive time
  • Gas time
  • High pO2 (hyperoxic)
  • Low pO2 (hypoxic)
  • Maximum depth
  • Tank pressure

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