Sink The Stink, 4oz

Sink The Stink, 4oz


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Sink the Stink. You invested in your wetsuit and dive gear, now it’s time to take care of them. So let’s get the stink out, regardless of what’s causing it. Sink the Stink is a natural, environmentally friendly deodorizer for all your neoprene, wetsuits, BCDs, dive boots, dive skins, and so much more. Created for the watersports community, this is not a cleaner. You read that right, it’s actually a live bacteria that eats the organisms causing the odors. Environmentally safe, a mere 1/2 oz is all you need. And because of how it works, it doesn’t require rinsing. Nope, this forms a bio-film that penetrates deep into the neoprene. So grab a bottle and go make your mom proud.


Sink The Stink Features:

  • Natural, environmentally friendly
  • Formulated for wetsuits, BCDs, dive boots, and dive skins
  • Biologically eliminates odors
  • Mixture of 4 odor destroying bacteria cultures
  • 4 fl. oz. (118 ml) Bottle

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