500psi Neoprene Cement - 4oz - Clear
500psi Neoprene Cement - 4oz - Black

500psi Neoprene Cement - 4oz


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500psi Neoprene Cement - 4oz is perfect for your neoprene repairs. Whether you have a hole or rip in your wetsuit, drysuit, boots, gloves, fishing waders, orthopedic supports, or inflatable toys, this Neoprene Cement will fix it right up in a jiffy. The best part is that once your issue is fixed, it’s a long-lasting repair that you won’t need to worry about again. The Aquaseal Neoprene Cement is always good to have onhand if you’re a diver.


500psi Neoprene Cement Features:

  • Permanently repair torn or ripped neoprene wetsuits and waders
  • Repairs in just 30 minutes
  • Ideal for repairing wetsuits, drysuits, boots, gloves, and more
  • Can fix all types of elastic fabric including latex
  • 4 fl oz can

More Info

  • Product Sku: DD130182
  • Sizing: Adult
  • Accessory: No