ScubaPro MK25 EVO BT/G260 Carbon BT Regulator (Yoke)
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ScubaPro MK25 EVO BT/G260 Carbon BT Regulator (Yoke)



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Delivering high end performance, the sleek, streamlined ScubaPro MK25 EVO BT/G260 Carbon BT Regulator is your next regulator.

From the moment you first lay eyes on the MK25 EVO BT, you know this first stage is something special. As you pick it up and begin to inspect the construction, you notice ScubaPro’s Black Tech coating. Providing protection for the metal components from scratches and the elements, this first stage delivers the durability you’re looking for. You’re typically a warm water diver, but knowing this regulator resists freezing, you’ll enjoy easy inhalation effort no matter where you dive. That balanced piston system delivers your air instantly on demand so you’re getting the most time and distance out of every breath.

Did you know that ScubaPro’s G-series second stage was the first to offer the diver adjustable Venturi Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA) switch? Continuing that tradition, the G260 Carbon BT takes your second stage to a whole new level. Whether you’re a tech or recreational diver, you’ll appreciate that eye-catching carbon fiber cover. That reinforced technopolymer casing works to protect the inner workings of your G260. Knowing the benefits of the Black Tech Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating, you breathe easier as the metal components of your second stage are well protected from the elements. And it looks cool. With a high flow exhaust and large diaphragm, whether you set this versatile second stage up from the left or right, every breath you take will be as easy as breathing on the surface.

Lightweight and at the apex of durability, the ScubaPro MK25 EVO BT/G260 Carbon BT Regulator is the easy choice for your next regulator.


ScubaPro MK25 EVO BT/G260 Carbon BT Regulator Features:

  • XTIS (extended thermal insulating system)
  • Air-balanced piston design
  • Excellent resistance to freezing
  • Superb inhalation sensitivity
  • Instant delivery of air on demand
  • Black Tech Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating
  • Carbon fiber front cover
  • Reinforced technopolymer casing
  • Air-balanced valve
  • Large diaphragm & case size
  • Metal components
  • High flow exhaust
  • Versatile design
  • Venturi Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA)

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm --

More Info

  • Product Sku: DD155301
  • Max Nitrox Mix: 40% O2
  • Connector Type: Yoke
  • Adjustable Second Stage: Yes

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