ScubaPro MK2 EVO/S270 Regulator (Yoke)

ScubaPro MK2 EVO/S270 Regulator (Yoke)



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All of the performance without the frills, the ScubaPro MK2 EVO/S270 Regulator is your classic downstream piston regulator.

The chrome plated brass body on this regulator is made to stand up to the elements dive after diver after dive. With one high pressure port and 4 low pressure ports, the MK2 EVO is designed for streamlined comfort. Featuring a spring insulating bushing and coating, insulating sleeve, and an antifreeze cap, you know this first stage is built to stand up to just about any conditions you want to dive in. All part of ScubaPro’s XTIS (extended thermal insulating system). And that stainless steel removable orifice. You know the durability and reliability of this first stage is over the top.

As we move down the superflow hose with an oversized bore, you know your air delivery is reliable and comes with minimal effort. The S270 second stage has an air-balanced valve that lets your air flow when you need it. That technopolymer plastic barrel features a metal thread so you know it’s secure. Though streamlined and designed for the minimalist diver, this second stage features a dive/predive switch and a compact exhaust tee. Features that make your dive comfortable and give you a better experience. Lightweight, the S270 core is crafted from fiberglass-reinforced nylon and features a special polyurethane outer layer. Designed to reduce jaw fatigue, that compact hi-flow mouthpiece is even made with FDA approved silicone.


ScubaPro MK2 EVO/S270 Regulator Features:

  • XTIS (extended thermal insulating system)
  • Classic downstream piston design
  • Chrome-plated brass body
  • 1 high pressure port
  • 4 low pressure ports
  • Spring insulating bushing and coating
  • Insulating piston bushing, an insulating sleeve and an antifreeze cap
  • Stainless steel removable orifice
  • Meets EN250-2014 standards for cold-water breathing performance
  • Air-balanced valve
  • Technopolymer plastic barrel with a metal thread
  • Dive/predive switch
  • Lightweight casing made of a fiberglass-reinforced nylon core and a special PU outer layer
  • Compact exhaust tee
  • Compact Hi-Flow mouthpiece made with FDA-approved silicone
  • Super-flow hose with an oversized bore
  • CE certified to the latest EN250A European Standards for all diving conditions, including extreme cold water

More Info

  • Product Sku: DD155306
  • Max Nitrox Mix: 40% O2
  • Connector Type: Yoke
  • Number of HP Ports: One
  • Number of LP Ports: 4