ScubaPro Hydros Pro Modular Travel Scuba Gear Package (Women's) with MK11/C370 Regulator, Air2 Inflator/Octo, M2 Wrist Computer


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ScubaPro Hydros Pro Modular Travel Scuba Package (Women's) with MK11/C370 Regulator, Air2 Inflator/Octo, M2 Wrist Computer
ScubaPro Hydros Pro Modular Travel Scuba Gear Package (Women's) with MK11/C370 Regulator, Air2 Inflator/Octo, M2 Wrist Computer

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    Explore Beyond the Ordinary with the Hydros Pro Travel Scuba Package for Women

    The lightweight BCD dries fast and folds up small, making it great for traveling. However, unlike most travel BC's, the Hydros Pro can handle the needs of professional divers. This is thanks to the "BCD-4-Life" Modular Design. It features a Multi-Mount Accessory Matrix to customize your build with tools, straps, weight systems, pouches, and hoses. Every component can be replaced without stitching at home or on the go. It wears like a backpack for comfort in and out of the water.

    The MK11/C370 Regulator is compact for easy traveling. The first stage is environmentally sealed so you can dive in a variety of environments. The 5th Generation AIR2 is a combination octopus and BCD inflator to keep your kit streamlined.

    The M2 Mantis is a low-profile, watch-style, wrist dive computer that supports recreational, technical, CCR, and Freediving use. It has wireless air integration and supports gas switching of up to 3 gasses.


    Hydros Pro Modular Back-Inflation BCD with Balanced Inflator

    The Hydros Pro highly customizable BCD designed for a woman's frame. Molded Monprene straps make this BCD lightweight, quick-drying, and easy to service. It's a great travel BCD that's tough and modular enough for regular diving.


    • Backpack and mount points for your dive kit and other gear
    • Smart-Pack Design folds flat for easy transport and storage
    • Neutral buoyancy and "Outboard" trim pockets give you better control
    • Cross-Flow channel provides unrestricted airflow to fully deflate from any angle
    • Women’s fit with a smaller air bladder, shorter inflator hose, and curved shoulder straps
    • Lightweight Fabric-Free Monprene harness resists abrasion and sheds water to dry instantly
    • Injection-molded nearly indestructible Monprene® gel material resists UV, chemicals, and abrasion.
    • Fluid-Form Monprene 3D Gel System keeps the BCD from riding up and conforms to your body for an ergonomic fit
    • Simple, safe, and reliable quick-release Buckle Weight System offers a fixed location for easy one-hand operation
    • Adjustable Articulated Shoulder Straps and auto-adjusting Torso Flex Zone adapt to your torso length for comfort and freedom of movement
    • Advanced 2-stage inflation uses a tri-bungee system to achieve a compact shape with a high lift capacity
    • Use the "BCD-4-Life" Modular Design with Multi-Mount Accessory Matrix to customize your build
    • Dual-Compound Backplate is stable and comfortable with a single tank band that's easy to assemble
    • Fabric-free design makes repairs easy since they do not require stitching
    • Lift Capacity: 35lbs / 15.9kg - 40lbs / 18kg depending on size


    ScubaPro MK11/C370 Environmentally-Sealed Compact Travel Regulator System

    The MK11/C370 Regulator is compact and lightweight for easy travelling. It's environmentally sealed to prevent fouling from environmental contaminants and to improve cold water performance. The first stage and second stage are balanced for easy breathing.


    • Compact, lighter-weight regulator that’s perfect for travellers
    • Diver-adjustable inhalation effort knob and coaxial dive/pre-dive lever
    • Comfortable Hi-Flow mouthpiece improves airflow and fits all mouth sizes
    • Environmentally sealed inner parts keep water and pollutants out for better performance
    • Super-flow hose with oversized bore maximizes airflow on each inhalation for easier breathing
    • 2 high-pressure ports and 4 low-pressure ports for versatile hose routing


    • Water Temp: Cold, Temperate, Warm
    • Connector Type: INT
    • Nitrox Mix: Up to 40%
    • 1st Stage Material: Chrome-Plated Brass
    • 1st Stage Type: Diaphragm
    • HP Ports: 2
    • LP Ports: 4
    • 2nd Stage Series: C Series
    • 2nd Stage Design: Balanced
    • 2nd Stage Material: Metal/Reinforced Technopolymer Casing


    Scubapro AIR2 5th Gen Combination Octopus and BCD Inflator

    The AIR2 5th Generation Octopus/Inflator Combo delivers test-proven safe and easy breathing in a streamlined package. Reduce the size, weight, and complexity of your kit by combining your BCD inflator and your Octopus in a single device. Ergonomic design is easy to operate, even in emergencies.


    • Tested performance proven to deliver smoother breathing than a standard octopus
    • Built-in power inflate and deflate buttons above the unit to easily control buoyancy
    • Color and size coded power inflate and deflate buttons for a safer ascent
    • Advanced dive/pre-dive switch to reduce free flows when unused
    • Purge cover designed in convenient, easy-to-locate spot for fast clearing
    • Large, durable bite tabs on the mouthpiece for better grip when under stress
    • CE certified EN2501 as a second stage regulator for water 50°F/10°C and up
    • Hose Length: 27.5in / 70cm
    • Weight: 1lb/0.45kg


    ScubaPro M2 Mantis 2.0 Triple-Gas Watch-Style Hoseless Air-Integrated Wrist Dive Computer with Human-Factor Chest Strap

    The M2 Mantis Wrist Dive Computer has a slim, classic dive watch design that delivers the performance of a full-size wireless air-integrated dive computer -- without the bulk. The advanced M2 Mantis supports gas switching and includes an HRM belt to incorporate your biometrics into your decompression calculations. The Altimeter tracks your altitude class to let you know when you can safely fly. Sport Mode, watch features, and replaceable bands help you live your life in dive mode.


    • Depth-rated up to 120 meters and 21-100% O2 compatible
    • Scuba, Freediving, Gauge, CCR dive modes for technical and recreational divers
    • Marine-grade 316L stainless steel design with a battery life of 2 years or 300 dives
    • Hoseless air integration handles multiple transmitters to support on multi-gas dives
    • Personalized algorithm tracks microbubble levels so you can tweak conservatism to your experience level, age, and physical conditioning
    • Calculates PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops) based on dive history, breathing mixes, and N2 loading
    • Streamlined display, intuitive menu, and simple circular navigation system are easy to learn and use
    • Digital tilt-compensated integrated compass helps you navigate with ease
    • Predictive ZHL8 ADT MB algorithm accommodates up to three gas mixes
    • Swim and Sport modes take it beyond diving


    • Depth Rating: 120m
    • Gas Capability: 21-100% Nitrox
    • Display Type: Black & White
    • Algorithm: ZHL8 ADT MB
    • Memory Capacity: Other
    • Number of Gases: 3
    • Operating Modes: CCR, Freediving, Gauge, Scuba, Sport, Swim
    • Battery Replacement Type: Dealer Replaceable
    • Estimated Battery Life: 2 Years / 300 Div
    • Backlight
    • Altimeter
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