Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkeling Mask

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Snorkeling Reinvented

The Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Mask and Snorkel breathes so easy, it's like you have gills! The advanced design allows you to breathe through your nose and mouth--the way nature intended. No more jaw fatigue, dry mouth, or accidentally sucking water through your tube. Experience the same comfort as breathing on land.

The mask includes an integrated dry-top snorkel. It keeps water out of your snorkel when the mask is submerged. It also prevents water entry from waves and splashes at the surface, so you can relax and breath naturally. Purge easily with a dump valve located at the chin.

Once the snorkel is out of your mouth, you can use it to say, 'Wow'! Get the speaker and microphone attachment (sold separately) to talk to your buddies or the boat without leaving the water.

Naturally Fog-Free Design

The Aria is guaranteed to prevent fogging thanks to its advanced design and improved air circulation. You won't have to fumble with drops or wipes to get a clear view.

A divider with two valves separates the top and bottom of the mask. Fresh air enters through your snorkel at the top of the mask. When you inhale, that air is sucked from the top of the mask, through the valves, and into the bottom of the mask.

Exhaling closes the valves to prevent humid, hot air from fogging your mask. Exhaled air leaves through special channels on the sides of the mask that vent up past the top of the mask and out through the snorkel.

A Panoramic View

With fog eliminated, you can focus on the truly amazing 180° view that the Aria provides. The clear, polycarbonate lens removes barriers between you and the view, so you can feel immersed in the ocean environment. The extra-large, 3D lens uses side panels to increase peripheral vision and light. The result is a wide-open feel and an incredible view of your surroundings. Correct your vision with the Optical Lens Frame accessory (sold separately) and see the underwater world in sharp detail.

Customize to Your Taste

The Aria offers a wide range of accessories and upgrades to enhance and customize your mask. The integrated Equipment Dock provides a platform to securely mount accessories like a GoPro. Add flair using the Accessory Holder (sold separately). Attach fins, marker wings, glow sticks, and colored straps to help identify you under water.

Corrective Lens Support

Don't have perfect vision? The Aria supports corrective lenses. The glasses frame accessory (sold separately) fits inside the Aria mask. It uses convenient, standard-sized optical lenses. That means there's no need to special order custom mask lenses! Simply bring the frame to an optometrist just like a regular pair of glasses and get your exact prescription.

Snorkie-Talkie Radio Communication

Communicate with people on land, in the boat, or even other snorkelers in the water with the Snorkie-Talkie Underwater Communication Device (sold separately). The first ever radio communication device for snorkelers, it's exclusively compatible with the Aria mask. The simple push to talk system makes it easy to lead a guided tour, coordinate with the boat, or just chat with your friends and family--all without leaving the water.


  • Extra-large 180° field of vision
  • Breathe comfortably through your nose and mouth
  • Dry top snorkel prevents water entry from splashes or dives
  • Available in multiple sizes for a secure seal and a comfortable fit
  • Surgical-grade silicone skirt with a wide seal edge to prevent leaks
  • Guaranteed to prevent fogging thanks to improved air circulation and advanced design
  • Integrated equipment dock lets you add cameras, communicators, and other accessories
  • Supports standard-size corrective lenses with the Optical Lens Frame accessory (sold separately)
  • Compatible with the Snorkie-Talkie underwater communication device (sold separately)
  • Mask is designed to be submerged at shallow depths, but not intended for freediving

What's in the Box:

  • Aria Full Face Snorkeling Mask with polycarbonate lens and silicone skirt
  • Polycarbonate dry snorkel attachment
  • Secure elastic head strap
  • Soft carrying pouch
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Manufacturer Ocean Reef
Eligible for Free Freight Promo Yes
video Fv1pMPalMQw
Mask Volume High
Number of Lenses One Lens

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