Mares X-Stream Scuba Diving Fins

Mares X-Stream Scuba Diving Fins - Blue
Mares X-Stream Scuba Diving Fins - Pink
Mares X-Stream Scuba Diving Fins - Black
Mares X-Stream Scuba Diving Fins - White
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Mares X-Stream Scuba Diving Fins - Pink Thumbnail}
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Mares X-Stream Scuba Diving Fins



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The Mares X-Stream Fins combine Mares patented technology to offer a riddled foot pocket for comfort and super-channel blade design for a unique fin that is as powerful as it is comfortable. More than 2 years of resources, experiments, testing, and four Mares patents all contributed to the creation of this unique open heel scuba fin. 

The Optimized Pivoting Blade system (OPB) allows the blade to maintain an optimal angle throughout the kicking cycle. OPB produces a constant thrust, which minimizes fatigue and produces fluid movement through the water while diving. The ergonomically designed foot pocket delivers maximum power and evenly distributes pressure over the foot to minimize fatigue. The foot pocket interior features internal ribbing that improves fit, eliminates foot suction and prevents foot pocket flexing while transmitting more power to the blade. Perforations in the foot pocket allow water to move freely in the space between the foot pocket and the booty, eliminating any drag caused by the parachuting effect. The super-channel is designed for the diver who wants the perfect blend of power and efficiency in one fin. The new blade design has a large central super-channel and two traditional lateral channels that provide excellent thrust while maintaining hi-efficiency and minimizing leg fatigue. The blade uses Tri-Material Construction of Techno-Polymers and Thermoplastic rubber for extended durability.


Mares X-Stream Scuba Diving Fins Features:

The main features of the X-Stream diving fins are:
• Bungee Strap*
• Riddled foot pocket to avoid "parachute effect"
• Next-generation OPB
• Tri-material blade construction to reduce turbulence
• Channel Thrust technology

* The Japan Pink variant is available only with ABS Buckle

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm --

More Info

  • Product Sku: 43153
  • Material: Rubber
  • Sizing: Adult
  • Accessory: No

Customer Reviews



5 out of 5 stars

Great fins, no knee pain!

Amazing fins! They take some getting used to as you don't feel the same drag on your foot as with other fins. I dive Scuba Pro Twin Jet fins in my home Puget Sound waters and they're great on my knees but way too heavy for a travel fin. They also don't have that much thrust when you dig in and kick hard. I tried these last week in FL on a wreck dive with a RIPPING current. When you use a normal kick they move you along just fine. But when you put some energy into the kick, WOW! An amazing amount of thrust without knee pain. They feel a bit strange as they hit the stops at the root of the foot/fin junction but I soon forgot all about the "bump" as you dig into a strong kick. I bought XL as I'll be wanting to dive these with my dry suit too. In warm water I wear size 10 boots with a solid sole (think Bonaire shore dives). My boots match the length and width of my BARE D6 dry suit so I'll be able to use the fins for both cold and warm water dives. So far I'm very happy with these fins. One more thing, make these even better by replacing the adjustable straps with the rubber bungees. Too bad they don't offer stainless steel spring straps, but the rubber bungees work really well.


5 out of 5 stars


Excellent fins to go diving. I use to struggle with my old fins swimming and keeping up with the group. It makes so much of a difference having good quality fins comapred to cheap ones. I work less in the water and they are super comfortable. Plus they come in my favorite color which is pink ! Price wise ? pretty expensive but in the long run worth it. Wish it were jut a tad bit better in price wise.


5 out of 5 stars

Great Fins

I purchased these fins and used them for the first time last weekend. I was getting fin foot from my previous pair and was advised by a associate that these would be better. These are very comfortable with the jelly like plastic around the toes and I did not get fin foot. I also noticed the design of the fins make swimming easier. Also, other divers were commenting on how easy I was to spot because of the fins appearance in poor visibility. Love these fins.