Mares Magellan Computer Scuba Gear Package
Mares Magellan Computer Scuba Gear Package - Mares Magellan BCD
Mares Magellan Computer Scuba Gear Package - Mares Dual 15X Regulator (Yoke)
Mares Magellan Computer Scuba Gear Package - Mares Journey Scuba Octopus
Mares Magellan Computer Scuba Gear Package - Mares Mission Puck 3 Dive Computer Console

Mares Magellan Computer Scuba Gear Package



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Mares Dual 15X Regulator (Yoke)
Mares Journey Scuba Octopus
Mares Mission Puck 3 Dive Computer Console


With the Mares Magellan Computer Scuba Gear Package, all you need are your mask, fins, and snorkel and you’re ready to dive down. This package comes complete with your Mares Magellan BCD, Mares Dual 15X Regulator, Mares Journey Scuba Octopus, and Mares Mission Puck 3 Dive Computer Console. So let’s slip below the surface and get into the details of your dive gear package.


Mares Magellan BCD

A back inflation BC that’s foldable, lightweight, and durable, the Mares Magellan BCD has your back. Ready for travel and nearby adventures, this BC gives you plenty of places to stash the gear you want to take on each dive. From D-rings to a folding, self draining pocket, this BC allows you to streamline your gear or put it where it’s most convenient, depending on what you need at the moment. Fully adjustable, the shoulder straps even feature a concave ergonomic design. It matters because the design makes your BCD more comfortable once you get it adjusted to fit you perfectly. Once we have the BCD set, it’s time to move down to the regulator.

Mares BCDs Size Chart

Mares Magellan BCD Features:

  • Back inflation bladder design
  • Innovative strap system
  • Integrated quick release weight system
  • Folding, self-draining pocket
  • Zippered weight pockets made of polyester 600 and ABS plastic material
  • Concave ergonomic shoulders
  • Durable 420 Cordura nylon fabric
  • Urethane internal laminate with RF-welded seams
  • Foldable
  • Multiple accessory attachment points
  • Dump/purge valves
  • Threaded low pressure quick disconnect hose included
  • Owner’s manual included


Mares Dual 15X Regulator (Yoke)

The Mares Dual 15X Regulator is ultralight, compact, and features a first and second stage that work together to deliver your air with minimal effort on your part. From the balanced diaphragm to the dynamic flow control system and down to the vortex assisted design, your air flows from the first stage, down your double braided SuperFlex hose, to your second stage so you’re breathing easy no matter your depth. And when you need it, you’ll appreciate the oversized silicone purge button on the front of your second stage. Lightweight and durable, this easy to use, travel friendly regulator is designed for the diver on the go.

Mares Dual 15X Regulator Features:

  • Ultralight and compact
  • Balanced diaphragm
  • Lightweight (2 lb/1085 g includes first stage, second stage, and hose)
  • High air flow
  • First stage with pre-oriented ports and an ACT valve
  • Dynamic Flow Control system
  • Double-braided, lightweight SuperFlex hose
  • Oversized silicone purge button
  • VAD (Vortex Assisted Design)


Mares Journey Scuba Octopus

No scuba gear package is complete without an octo, and designed to be a backup, the Mares Journey Scuba Octopus is a safe second you’ll be glad you have on every dive. Durable, reliable, and exclusive to Divers Direct, this scuba octo attaches to your first stage with a high visibility SuperFlex hose. With high visibility yellow accents on the second stage cover, it’s easy to locate your scuba octopus at all times. With a standard downstream demand valve and your vortex assisted design, your air is delivered on demand with minimal effort on your part. Designed for buddy breathing, this safe second will be appreciated by you and your buddy in an out of air emergency.

Mares Journey Octopus Features:

  • VAD (Vortex Assisted Design) bypass system for effortless, natural breathing
  • Ultra-light technopolymer is abrasion resistant
  • SuperFlex hose is bright yellow for high visibility
  • Standard downstream demand valve
  • Nitrox compatible to 40%
  • 40" (100cm) length hose
  • Exclusive to Divers Direct


Mares Mission Puck 3 Dive Computer Console

Rounding out this package, the Mares Mission Puck 3 Dive Computer Console combines your dive computer, pressure gauge, and compass in one handy, compact boot. Your pressure gauge and compass both feature analog, luminescent faces and clear marking that allow for easy reading in any light conditions. Your dive computer features a digital face with powerful backlighting that makes this dive computer easy to read no matter the conditions. With air, nitrox, and bottom time modes, you’ll navigate this dive computer like a pro in no time. Ready to dive in?

Mares Mission Puck 3 Dive Computer Console Features:

  • RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubble Model)-algorithm that prevents the formation of micro-bubbles
  • Air, Nitrox, and Bottom Time modes
  • Superior display readability
  • Powerful backlight
  • User replaceable batteries
  • Battery power indicator
  • Dive planning mode
  • Choice of Metric/Imperial units
  • Fresh and saltwater settings
  • Audible alarms options
  • Ascent rate indicator
  • 38 hour memory capacity
  • Watch display
  • Calendar and Temperature display
  • Nitrox programmable (21-50%)
  • Automatic altitude adjustable
  • Depth to 492 feet

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  • Bundle: Yes

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