Lobster League Lobstering Kit (3pcs)
Lobster League Lobstering Kit (3pcs) Back
Lobster League Lobstering Kit Lobster Gauge
Lobster League Lobstering Kit Tickle Stick
Lobster League Lobstering Kit (3pcs) Together
Lobster League Lobstering Kit (3pcs) Angle Back
Lobster League Lobstering Kit (3pcs) Handle Detail
Lobster League Lobstering Kit (3pcs) Back Handle Detail

Lobster League Lobstering Kit (3pcs)



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Level up this season with the Lobster League Lobstering Kit that includes your net, tickle stick, and lobster gauge all in one set. How’s it next level? The lobster gauge and tickle stick are magnetic and attach to the handle of the net. And this net...it features a hinge and strong neodymium magnets so not only does it fold, it stays closed until you’re ready to open it. No more lobster getting out of your net.

With the strap to keep everything together, you jump in the water with one thing in hand. Diving down, you unstrap and remove the tickle stick from the net handle and you’re ready. Once you find a lobster, you entice him in your net with the tickle stick...and once he’s in you fold that net over. Removing your gauge from the net handle, you pull the lobster out, check for roe, and measure it. If it’s legal, you either put it back in your net and surface, or in your catch bag and keep hunting. Affixing your gauge back to the handle, you’re off for the next catch. It’s that easy. Durable. Reliable. Easy to use. Level up your lobstering game.

Lobster League Lobstering Kit Includes:

  • Foldable net
  • Tickle stick
  • Lobster gauge


Lobster League Foldable Net Features:

  • Easily fold and unfold net
  • Neodymuim magnetic closure
  • Long handle with places for your Lobster League Lobster Gauge and Lobster League Tickle Stick to attach
  • Safety strap to keep all gear together


Lobster League Lobster Gauge Features:

  • Magnetic side
  • Standard lobster gauge
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Bottle opener


Lobster League Tickle Stick Features:

  • Magnetic side
  • Standard size tickle stick
  • Ergonomic molded handle
  • Lightweight aluminum

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