Hydro Seal Aqua Ear Plugs

Hydro Seal Aqua Ear Plugs


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Prevent ear discomfort, infections, and more using Hydro Seal Aqua Ear Plugs during water sports. These special ear plugs use an advanced multi-baffle polymer design or the ultimate protection against water intrusion into the ear canal. In addition to preventing inner-ear bacterial infections, Hydro Seal Aqua Ear Plugs also prevent exostosis by sealing out cold air and water. The unique design of these ear plugs still allows regular sound waves to pass through. Divers who have trouble equalizing may find them useful as well since they prevent pressure build-up from water intrusion.


Hydro Seal Aqua Ear Plugs Features:

  • Helps prevent water from entering the ear canal
  • Greatly reduces ear infections
  • Prevents pressure build up from intrusion to help divers equalize
  • For divers, swimmers, surfers, snorkelers, etc.

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  • Product Sku: 87214
  • Age Group: Adult
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