HEAD Sea Pals Jr Dry Snorkel Set

HEAD Sea Pals Jr Dry Snorkel Set - Clownfish
HEAD Sea Pals Jr Dry Snorkel Set - Shark
HEAD Sea Pals Jr Dry Snorkel Set - Turtle
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HEAD Sea Pals Jr Dry Snorkel Set


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Oh My Gosh! I want one! That’s what you’re gonna hear when your child sees the HEAD Sea Pals Junior Dry Snorkel Set. Heck, we’re saying it and we’re adults. These adorable themed backpacks come with a mask, fins and dry snorkel to get them in the water. And who wouldn’t want to jump in the water with one of these sets?

Let’s start with the backpack. The nylon, roll top construction means it’s durable and your child’s gear won’t fall out. With adjustable straps and a roll-top snap closure, you can customize this backpack to fit their body and whatever you toss in the bag. Inside the bag, they’ll discover their new fins. Sized for a child’s foot these fins are designed to aid your child in moving smoothly and quickly in the water. With adjustable heel straps, it’ll be easy to get these fins on and off - even with a squirming child. The struggle is real and we get it. Open those heel straps all the way up, slip their foot in and cinch them down with a quick gentle tug on either side. Quick and easy. When they’re done swimming, unclip the quick release on one side of each fin and off they go.

The mask has a Siliter silicone skirt which means it’ll fit that adorable little face and be comfy all day. The adjustable straps on the mask also give you the same quick and easy custom fit as the fins. Slip it on their face, and gently pull the straps on either side until it’s a comfortable fit. When they’re done, release that clip from one side of the mask and they’re off and running.

The dry snorkel comes with a guard on top of the snorkel which helps keep water out of the snorkel tube and makes breathing easier for them (and you). With the snorkel keeper, you know that snorkel will be right where they need it when they need it. This set is made with kids and parents in mind. Durable and easy to use. And a variety of themes that allows your child to express their individuality and maybe even their creative side. Your toughest decision will be which one to get. While you’re pondering...we’re gonna go pretend we’re sea creatures. See you in the water.

HEAD Sea Pals Jr Dry Snorkel Set Features:

  • Sea creature themed backpack
  • Junior/youth size mask, snorkel, and fins
  • Small mouthpiece
  • Roll top style bag
  • Quick release straps on mask and fins
  • Dry snorkel
  • Snorkel keeper
  • Small/Medium – Youth 9-13
  • Large/XLarge – Adult 1-4

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

More Info

  • Product Sku: DD133923
  • Anti-Fog: No
  • Latex Free: No
  • Face Size: Small
  • Number of Lenses: One Lens
  • Tempered Glass: Yes
  • Corrugated Lower Tube (Flex): No
  • Purge: No
  • Splashguard: Yes
  • Snorkel Type: Dry
  • Color - Lens: Clear
  • Sizing: Children
  • Fin Type: Adjustable Fins
  • Split Fin: No
  • Camera Mount: No
  • Goggles: No
  • Full-Face: No
  • Fins Included: Yes

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